Google Play Music releases an disdainful underline for a Samsung Galaxy S8

Google Play Music became a default song actor on a Galaxy S8 when it launched behind in April. Now a use has launched a device-exclusive underline for a flagship Android smartphone.

According to Android Authority, Google has launched New Release Radio — a underline identical to Spotify’s Release Radar — for a Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. New Release Radio will uncover we a personalized brew of new song updated on a daily basis.

Photo: Android Authority

New Release Radio is a good further if you’re already a Google Play Music subscriber, though either this will be adequate to tempt Galaxy users to switch from Spotify or Apple Music seems doubtful. Google will have to keep a updates rolling out to Google Play Music — and eventually move them to some-more than only a Galaxy S8 — to remonstrate some-more people to make a switch.

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