Google refreshes USB-C headphone adapter for Pixel 2 w/ reduce latency, aloft price

One large debate about Google’s Pixel 2 lineup was a company’s preference to embankment a 3.5mm headphone jack. To pill a conditions Google enclosed a headphone adapter in a box. That adapter has been for sale in a Google Store for a while, and now Google has sensitively updated it.

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As initial speckled by Android Police, a $9 headphone jack adapter that has been for sale in a Google Store for a past several months has been transposed with a new adapter that creates a integrate of improvements. Google claims that this new adapter has 53% reduce latency and “38% longer playback time.”

Adapter now provides 38% some-more playback time and has a 53% alleviation on plug-in latency than formerly accessible Pixel 2 headphone adapter.

We have no idea what “38% longer playback time” means, though a latency alleviation is really welcome.

This rested adapter also has a same simple design, though it’s a bit lighter, shred off 0.4 grams. The new chronicle is also smaller during 0.7mm thinner, 0.6mm narrower, and 2.8mm shorter. Google charges a bit aloft cost for this rested chronicle as well, entrance it during $12 in total.

If you’re meddlesome in picking one up, it’s available on a Google Store and works with Pixel 2 inclination as good as anything on “Android P or higher.” Pixel 3 will presumably work too.

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