Google releases Chrome OS 72 with optimizations for touchscreen devices

The latest chronicle of Chrome OS brings a series of new facilities for Chromebooks and other inclination regulating Google’s handling system… including a flourishing series of Chrome OS tablets.

Among other things, Chrome OS 72 includes a chronicle of a Chrome browser that’s been optimized for touchscreen inclination when you’re regulating them in inscription mode. There are also a series of improvements for Android app support, that could make Chrome OS tablets feel a small some-more like local Android devices.

For instance Android app shortcuts are now searchable in a launcher, an Android apps can also now entrance outmost storage (if we have a USB peep expostulate or SD label plugged in).

Chrome OS 72 also includes some updates that have small to zero to do with touchscreens, including:

  • Support for Picture in Picture mode in Chrome sites
  • Files that are saved to Google Drive around Backup and Sync are now accessible in a Files app on your device (under My Drive/Computers)
  • The ChromeVox shade reader has an choice to review anything underneath a rodent cursor
  • There a new policies for handling imitation jobs

Google says a Shill network manager for Chrome OS has also been placed in a sandbox so it no longer runs as a base user. This is a confidence magnitude that should assistance strengthen opposite some vulnerabilities associated to networking.

While Google has a robe of highlighting a few new facilities and bug fixes in a recover announcements, folks who follow a dev channel and beta channel have been spotting new facilities in Chrome OS for months. You can check out About Chromebooks to find out about some other changes inspiring Crostini (which lets we run Linux apps on Chrome OS), Google assistant, and other tools of a handling system.

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