Google Responds to Irate Pixel Customer Who Put adult Anti-Google Posters Around Delhi

Earlier this week, Google had to understanding with a customer’s rather singular approach of protesting. An allegedly raging patron of a claimed-to-be-faulty Google Pixel phone utterly literally went to city and put adult posters not wholly inexhaustible about Google and a Pixel choice of Android phones that they make. His explain was that his Google Pixel phone, reportedly purchased in early 2017, started building mixed issues within a initial year of usage. (Read more here) Now however, Google has responded to a customer, Manu Aggarwal from Haryana, and his allegations opposite Google.

Google, in a central statement, has totally denied that a customer’s phone wasn’t attended to by a use core during several stages. “For Pixel, we have a world-class after-sales use network in India. In this sold case, when a patron was discontented with a steady efforts and response to his use request, we offering a giveaway of cost correct or a new device, in line with a guaranty policy,” says a Google India orator in an central matter common with News18.

It all started out when Aggarwal’s Pixel phone grown some emanate and was submitted to a Google Pixel use core for repairs. The user had claimed in several amicable media posts that a phone was supposed for repairs during a use core mixed times, though always returned with a same issues persisting. He even tagged Google CEO Sundar Pichai as good Prime Minister Narendra Modi in some of his tweets. Eventually, he started putting adult posters around Delhi alleging that Pixel phones “restart, freeze, and pile-up constantly”. He went on to publicize on some posters that no one should buy a Pixel, Pixel 2 or Pixel 3 phones.

Google says that they have attempted to solve a emanate mixed times, and contend that a customer’s redressal final do not accommodate with Google’s device correct and deputy policy. “He has however regularly unsuccessful to accept a deputy and has instead demanded dual units of a next-gen Pixel. Unfortunately, we can't give in to injustice of a process or coercion, and are incompetent to approve with his irrational demands,” adds a Google India spokesperson. It is reported that Aggarwal owns a initial era Google Pixel phone.

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