Google says Pixel 2 XL lagging isn’t a widespread issue

Reports from distinguished Android users suggested an astonishing problem with Google’s Pixel 2 XL phones. Well-known techies Artem Russakovskii and Marquees Brownlee minute their eccentric delayed Pixel 2 XL experiences, with Russakovskii’s box being investigated by Google.

Soon after that, a gossip pronounced that Google competence have identified a reasons since a phone would knowledge poignant lag, with one of a fixes being a full hardware replacement.

In a meantime, Google released a new matter on a matter, observant a issues aren’t widespread and that it’s too early for conclusions.

Here’s what a Google orator told BGR:

We have teams who constantly conduct and guard opening on a inclination and a information indicates this is not a widespread issue. Getting bug reports is a normal partial of a routine – as is common for many consumer devices. We use these to weigh what competence be wrong and work on any required fixes. We are still in a routine of questioning this news so it is too early to pull conclusions.

The same criticism was supposing to others, Russakovskii included:

As a reminder, here’s his correct knowledge so far:

Brownlee said in a video that he’s not regulating a Pixel anymore since other phones are a lot faster than Google’s flagship.

But only since dual distinguished names in a tech universe gifted loiter with a Pixel 2 XL, doesn’t meant that all Pixel 2 XL humour from a same problems. That’s not only since Google says so, though since we’d have seen copiousness of slack reports from some-more influenced users.

If you’re one of a people affected, don’t demur to hit Google about it.

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