Google shuts down Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL sales

Google has forsaken a Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, a company’s flagship smartphones from final year. As initial speckled by Android Police, a Pixel 2 has been scrubbed from a Google Store page, and a old Pixel 2 URL now redirects to a Pixel 3 page.

The Pixel 2XL was substantially Google’s most rival smartphone to date. There were a common Pixel features—a good build of batch Android, quick updates, and a good camera—but a Pixel 2 was a final phone from Google with an aluminum body. (Remember aluminum? It didn’t break when we forsaken it.) The genuine monument from a Pixel 2 XL was a pattern from Google that was indeed good, with slim bezels (for a time) and a singular pattern that didn’t look like an iPhone. Google fundamentally carried a Pixel 2 XL pattern a year brazen for a smaller Pixel 3.

With a genocide of a Pixel 2 and 2 XL, Google ups a ante on a pretension of “World’s many costly smartphone lineup” going by entry-level price. While many manufacturers sell low- and mid-range smartphones and offer comparison reward models during a discount, Google stops production a comparison models shortly into a life cycle of a new model. Once a aged models sell out, they’re left forever. Previously, a comparison Pixel 2 was offered for $649, that still done it a many costly entry-level smartphone from a manufacturer, though it was improved than usually carrying a Pixel 3. With a discontinuation of a Pixel 2, Google’s phone lineup starts during a whopping $800 MSRP.

Meanwhile, Apple’s entry-level phone is a 2016 iPhone 7 for $449, and Apple also still sells a iPhone 8 for $599. If you’re looking for something with a some-more complicated design, Apple creates a purpose-built cheaper iPhone, a iPhone XR, for $749.

A “mid-range” Pixel phone has been rumored for a full year now. It certain would be good if Google would indeed recover something with a reduce price.

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