Google simplifies picture insertion in Docs, Slides, & Drawings, adds Google Photos drawer

In a small, though impactful update, Google today announced that a Drive apps are receiving “improvements to a picture insertion process.” Applicable to Docs, Slides, and Drawings on a web, there is now a redesigned menu and dedicated drawer for adding images to files.

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Selecting “Image” underneath a “Insert” add-on now opens a new submenu with a ability to Upload from computer, Search a web, Drive, Photos, and By URL. Previously, all these options were housed in a large window as several tabs. The primary emanate with this aged interface is how users are not means to directly entrance their prefered insertion option.

But in this new design, all is significantly some-more approach interjection to that menu. Uploading files from we mechanism will open a record manager and “By URL” opens a window to pulp a couple in.

Meanwhile, Searching a web, Drive, and Photos opens a righthand drawer that is “easier to navigate and some-more discerning to use.” This feed is identical to a phone perspective and facilities a categorical photos tab, as good as one for albums. There is also a hunt idol in a top-right corner.

Users will be means to drag and dump images from this drawer right into a document, with identical panels for web hunt and Google Drive.

These changes are not nonetheless live for me, with Google observant a rollout that potentially lasts “longer than 15 days.”

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Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for some-more news:

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