Google intelligent displays strike this Jul with YouTube TV


The arriving LG Smart Display can answer your questions and uncover we your schedule. 

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The conflict between Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa is about to enter a new difficulty of products: intelligent displays. Google debuted during CES this Jan a party of intelligent displays from Lenovo, JBL, LG and Sony and betrothed them this summer. 

At a Google I/O developer discussion on Tuesday, Google common some-more details. The intelligent displays will strike store shelves in July, with a YouTube TV app and a integrate of other newly announced facilities in tow.

What is a intelligent display? 

Smart displays respond to your voice commands like a Google Home or Amazon Echo intelligent speaker, though they also have a screen, on that we can watch videos and make video calls. The shade can also uncover additional information to yield serve context to any trivia questions we competence ask Google Assistant, or uncover we a map for pushing directions, among other things. The Amazon Echo Show introduced a difficulty to a mainstream final summer.

At CES in January, Google debuted a four-part response. None of a displays indeed underline Google’s code like the Google Home, though Google partnered with Lenovo, JBL, LG and Sony to hide Google Assistant in inclination with screens. 

I had a possibility to see an extended demo of a Lenovo Smart Display during CES, and a shade pulled adult a map with directions. It showed footage from a Nest Cam home confidence camera. Step-by-step cooking directions were another feature: Ask it for some-more information on any step in a recipe, and a arrangement will lift adult a YouTube video with an suitable demonstration.


YouTube TV

Not usually will we be means to watch unchanging YouTube videos on a displays, Google announced during I/O that any one will have entrance to YouTube TV — a live TV streaming use like Sling TV or PlayStation Vue. YouTube TV isn’t giveaway like a typical streaming videos on a site, though compensate $40 a month and you’ll be means to watch stations like TNT, Cartoon Network, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC on your intelligent displays.

Google owns YouTube, and it will wish to lift this formation as distant as probable to give a intelligent displays an advantage over a Echo Show. Google pulled YouTube rights from a Show final tumble in an ongoing brawl between a dual companies. With YouTube and YouTube TV, you’ll positively be means to watch a lot some-more video on Google’s intelligent displays, though I’m not certain I’d wish to lay down and watch a TV uncover on one of these tiny screens.

Visual updates

In further to YouTube TV, Google introduced customizable ambient screens during I/O and betrothed support for immersive third-party experiences. The initial is a peculiarity of life further that will let a shade default to a accumulation of options when it’s resting. It can uncover a clock, a weather, your possess photos or lift from Google’s library of scenic imagery. 


The time is one of your options for a ambient screen. 

James Martin/CNET

The third-party immersive support will assistance developers emanate games and practice that make full use of both a hold and voice capabilities of these devices. At a hands-on demo in Mountain View, California, we saw a choose-your-own-adventure form of diversion finish with full-screen visuals and lots of sound effects. You play by possibly articulate to your device or drumming your choices.

The shade on a Amazon Echo Show didn’t win us over, and Google’s intelligent displays likewise won’t duty as full Android tablets, that can make a interactivity feel artificially limited. You’re meant to perspective a info on these screens and control them from a middle stretch with your voice. 

Perhaps between YouTube TV and whatever Google’s village of developers can create, a arrangement partial of these intelligent displays will start to feel some-more inestimable by a time they strike store shelves in July. 

Android P will give Android gestures like a iPhone X: Google’s prophesy of Android P is now a lot reduction hazy. But a association still won’t tell us what a “P” stands for.

Google’s Duplex could make Assistant a many realistic AI yet: Experimental record called Duplex, rolling out shortly in a singular release, creates we consider you’re articulate to a genuine person.

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