Google Store launches Repair Center for Pixel and Pixel 2

Ahead of new phones debuting subsequent month, a Google Store is launching a new Repair Center geared towards out of “out-of-warranty” devices. In a past, central repair options were few and distant between, though users now have a choice of traffic with Google directly.

A partial of a Google Store, a Repair Center (via Android Police) is now accessible for Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL inclination that are no longer lonesome underneath warranty. This is already a box for a initial Made by Google phones, and would scarcely be for a Pixel 2 if Google did not extend coverage an additional year due to progressing shade issues.

Users can send a device directly to Google, with a whole routine holding 7-10 business days after shipping. There are 3 stairs to a Repair Center:

  1. Tell us what’s wrong: Identify your device and a problem, and we’ll give we an guess for a repair.
  2. Back adult and reset your device before promulgation it: All information will be henceforth erased from your device before we check and correct it.
  3. We’ll check and repair: After we endorse a problem and a correct cost with you, we’ll start correct your device.

Google Pixel Repair Center Google Pixel Repair Center Google Pixel Repair Center Google Pixel Repair Center

To “Start a correct order,” users are asked to enter their IMEI/Serial series and fact all issues with a device. You can name from a grid of options, with any providing a list of accurate problems.

As partial of entering a IMEI, Google will check if we are still underneath warranty. If not, users are supposing several shipping options, including prepaid packaging, on how to send in a device. At a end, a correct guess will be provided. For example, a battery correct costs $309 for a Pixel 2.

This module appears to be sincerely new with Google’s own support pages observant how the U.S. correct module is “currently expanding” and that it’s “adding some-more business each week.” Regardless, Google charity a first-party resolution is overdue and really most welcomed.

Google Pixel Repair Center Google Pixel Repair Center

Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for some-more news:

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