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Google is rolling out new changes to a storage skeleton that embody a new, low-cost storage devise and half off a cost of a 2TB storage option, a company announced today. It’s also converting all Google Drive paid storage skeleton to Google One, maybe in partial since you’ll now have one-tap entrance to Google’s live patron service.

Google One will get a new $2.99 a month choice that gets we 200GB of storage. The 2TB plan, that customarily costs $19.99 per month, will now cost $9.99 a month. Finally, a 1TB devise that costs $9.99 a month is removing removed. The other skeleton for 10, 20, or 30TB won’t see any changes.

Google will also make a devise shareable within a family of adult to 5 members, and give users entrance to live discuss support even if you’re on a cheapest devise of $1.99 a month for 100GB. It’s a initial time live support is entrance to Google for users who might not have a G Suite business account.

If we wish to use Google One but profitable during all, a association will still offer Drive’s simple 15GB of giveaway space option. The ascent will arrive initial to users who already compensate for additional Google Drive storage, and we can design to see an email confirming a change shortly.

Correction: A prior chronicle of this story indicated that Google had renamed Google Drive to Google One. Google One is an ascent to Drive’s paid plans, not a rebranding of a storage service. We apologize for a error.

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