Google ‘working on a fix’ for deadly camera blunder inspiring Pixel 2 phones

Ever given Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones arrived final fall, they have been influenced by a deadly blunder that causes a camera app to crash when opening it adult or perplexing to snap photos. Not everybody has been influenced by this issue, though Google hasn’t even unequivocally addressed it until an central Google Twitter comment responded to one undone consumer progressing this week. The group is apparently “working on a fix” for a blunder now.

On Sunday, a Pixel 2 XL user voiced her disappointment with a deadly camera blunder on Twitter, to that Google quickly responded. The Made by Google Twitter suggested she transparent a Camera app’s cache, during that indicate she explained that she had already privileged a cache and achieved a full bureau reset to no avail.

Minutes later, a Made by Google Twitter comment responded once again, now suggesting that she put a phone in aeroplane mode and try to take a picture. Putting aside a stupidity of this solution, it didn’t work either. She perceived one final note when she explained that zero she had attempted was helping, divulgence that a Pixel group is wakeful of a “fatal camera error” and is now operative on a solution:

Reports of users experiencing this blunder started popping adult within weeks of a Pixel 2’s launch, that creates it all a some-more baffling that it took Google this prolonged to emanate a response. And keep in mind that this is only a twitter spotted by a Redditor, not an central statement. Now a doubt is either or not Google will emanate a repair before a Pixel 3 is denounced this fall. Will Google recover a new phone before it even fixes the stream flagship?

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