Google’s subsequent vital Maps redesign is rolling out, though we can’t have …

One of a many renouned apps in a universe is removing a uninformed redesign on Android, nonetheless a refurbish isn’t accessible to everybody for a time being. The new Material Theme pattern will deliver a code new user interface that should make navigation easier than ever on Google Maps.

However, a refurbish isn’t rolling out to all users yet, and iPhone user needn’t get too excited. There’s no revelation when a iPhone chronicle will accept a same treatment, providing it ever does.

The Google Maps redesign isn’t a surprise, deliberation that Google announced a refurbish behind during Google I/O a few weeks ago. But that doesn’t meant we can refurbish your Android app right away.

An Android Police user perceived a server-side refurbish for Google Maps, though not all beta users are on it. It’s expected Google is contrast out a new interface before releasing a refurbish into a wild.

Image Source: Android Police

White dominates a new Google Maps UI, and users will notice several other changes, including dull corners and pill-shaped buttons. The Explore shade gets many changes, including new colorful icons for any difficulty and a scrolling carousel that brings adult some-more information. Scrolling by it will get we lists common by websites or Google, as good as a list for circuitously events finish with opposite eventuality times.

Image Source: Android Police

The series of categories has increasing as good so we can hunt for some-more things to do around we other than food. What’s not enclosed in this refurbish is a new For You tab during a bottom of a app that Google suggested during I/O. Check out some-more images while we wait for your Google Maps refurbish over on Android Police.

More tabs ...

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