Google’s Pixel 2 has a best camera I’ve ever used on a …

It’s time to acknowledge a truth: I’m in adore with Google’s Pixel 2 smartphone camera.

Ein Rafa, Israel (Shot on Pixel 2)
The fever of my love.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

Admittedly, it’s easy to tumble in adore with. The Pixel 2 camera produces stunning, vibrant, better-than-real-life photos regularly.

The building here, for instance:

Tel Aviv: Full of engaging architecture!

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

In reality, a building was indeed darker than in this print — a Pixel 2’s high-dynamic operation (HDR) duty pulled a wider operation of lighting than my possess eye was able of seeing. It also managed to low a impossibly splendid travel light and constraint a transformation of a automobile speeding past.

And this was all during sunset, when healthy lighting conditions are during their worst.

I’ve been regulating a Pixel 2 for months now, though spending a final dual weeks roving via Israel with Google’s flagship phone highlighted to me only how impossibly considerable a Pixel 2’s camera is. Let’s get into it.

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