“Google’s Pixel 2 XL is absurdly tighten to being perfect”

With me being so down on Android, it’s usually satisfactory to also offer discernment into a other side of a silver – a longtime iPhone user creation a switch to a new Pixel 2 XL, and amatory it:

This phone is extremely my shit. Google has taken a strange Pixel, that was engaging though not adequate to lure me into switching, and done it into something that’s nearby perfect.

In a year where a iPhone X, that Apple touts as a destiny phone, usually has a singular engaging underline (Face ID) Google has embraced a event to uncover a opposite destiny with arms far-reaching open. It’s a initial time we can quietly contend an Android device is good entrance from a iPhone though constantly observant but there’s this one thing.

Different strokes for opposite folks, though that’s because we’re all here debating things that are, in a grand intrigue of things, irrelevant.

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