Google’s Project Treble Hasn’t Fixed Android Updates Yet

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Google has always struggled with a ostensible fragmentation of a Android platform, though that hasn’t stopped it from apropos a many renouned computing height on a planet. Last year, Google denounced a new Android horizon called Project Treble that was ostensible to make updates faster. Now that a new chronicle of Android is rolling out, we can start to consider to a success of Treble. So far, there’s not many good news.

In 2017, Google combined Project Treble as partial of Android Oreo. It usually compulsory new Oreo phones to boat with Treble, though a few device makers combined it in Oreo updates anyway. The idea with Treble is to make Android some-more modular. Rather than reinstate a Android OS and low-level businessman doing (things like drivers), Treble lets we only reinstate a Android partial of a firmware with a new version. Theoretically, that means phones can get faster updates for longer.

Google launched Android 9 Pie several months ago, so this is a initial possibility to find out how many Treble is helping. The early signs were good — a Essential Phone got a Pie refurbish a same day as Pixel phones, and other Pie beta module inclination like a OnePlus 6 and Nokia 7 Plus followed several weeks later. Then, nothing.

It has been roughly 3 months given Android Pie launched, and no critical phones have gotten updates. Oh, a few phones have launched with Pie, though that’s to be expected. The latest Android chronicle numbers don’t embody Pie since it’s next a 0.1 percent cutoff, suggesting there’s no estimable disproportion between a Pie rollout and Oreo final year.


It’s a confusing conditions since we know it’s really possible to rise Android updates faster with Treble — only demeanour during OnePlus. It deployed Pie to a OnePlus 6 in about 6 weeks, and it took roughly 4 months for Oreo to strike a OnePlus 5 final year. It seems like incomparable OEMs competence have satisfied that Treble would make updates some-more manageable, so they’re devoting reduction engineering resources to them. After all, people still buy phones meaningful a OS updates will take ages. Making them faster isn’t going to sell some-more phones.

Maybe Treble will still collect adult steam later, and it will make it possibly to yield updates longer since we don’t need to reinstate drivers. While complement updates are nice, Google’s efforts to pull confidence updates is substantially some-more vital. It’s looking to make these updates mandatory for many phones, that could have a bigger impact on users than removing a latest OS version.

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