Gruber: Apple loses income on HomePod hardware, Apple TV 4K sole during cost

Update: Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman refutes Gruber’s claims about HomePod and Apple TV. Gurman says he’s been told both are sold during a profit.

On this week’s part of his podcast ‘The Talk Show,’ John Gruber common some engaging sum about Apple’s pricing of a Apple TV and HomePod. Citing a “reliable small birdie,” Gruber says that a Apple TV is indeed sole during cost, since Apple sells a HomePod during a loss.

Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

The Apple TV 4K is sole by Apple for $179, and Gruber says that his source has told him that’s effectively what it costs Apple to make. The A10 chip powering a Apple TV is believed cost Apple around $26, that would indicate that other tools within a Apple TV comment for a infancy of a device’s cost, as good as selling and RD.

As for a HomePod, Gruber says his source has told him that Apple indeed sells a intelligent orator during a loss, yet he records it’s expected not a unequivocally large loss:

One thing I’ve listened from a arguable small birdie is Apple effectively sells [Apple TV] during cost. Like they unequivocally are like $180 a box. And we think, ‘wow, this is amazing, it has an A10 processor, that we know is super fast, and has crazy good graphics.’ I’ve listened a same thing about HomePod too. Like, because is HomePod so many some-more costly than these other speakers we can speak to? we have reason to trust Apple indeed sells it during a loss. we can’t infer it, we don’t consider it’s a large loss.

Apple is famous for a high margins, creation it some-more startling Apple TV and HomePod are sole though any hardware margin. Gruber records that Apple margins company-wide are generally right around 38 percent:

Over time things get cheaper to make. Company-wide, Apple unequivocally famously has unequivocally high margins and somehow, roughly to a scary degree, it’s always around 38-39 percent company-wide margin.

Of course, a thought here is that Apple sells a hardware during a detriment or a breakeven indicate and afterwards hopes to replenish around Apple Music subscriptions, and iTunes and App Store purchases on a Apple TV. Famously, Roku loses income on many of a hardware streaming boxes, though some-more than creates adult for it with targeted advertising.

A teardown final year suggested that a HomePod costs Apple around $216 to make. That doesn’t cause in things like selling and investigate and development, that clearly costs Apple utterly a bit if a HomePod is, in fact, being sole during a loss.

Gruber’s comments come as reports have suggested Apple has considered a lower-cost Apple TV dongle of sorts. In a piece progressing this week, Gruber likened an Apple TV dongle to a iPod shuffle, observant a idea for Apple should be “to make each new TV out there a intensity aim for iTunes and Apple strange content.”

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