Hands-on: IQShield’s Google Pixel 2 XL shade protectors are frustrating to install, though one of a best options for now

The Google Pixel 2 XL is expensive, and a final thing we wish to do is repairs it. I’ve mostly been regulating a XL in a case given a day we received my device, yet for a initial week or so, a shade went totally unprotected. The reason for that being that there are barely any decent shade protectors on a marketplace right now. Now, I’ve finally found one that suits my needs from IQShield.

The best gifts for Android users

Full disclosure, this isn’t a ideal shade protector. we mostly cite gradual potion shade protectors on my devices, yet a options right now for a Pixel 2 XL are usually embarrassingly bad. You’re fundamentally stranded with something that doesn’t fit right or has an nauseous dot matrix. If we ask me, conjunction of those are value whatever income you’ll spend on it.

Through my hunt for a decent option, we came opposite IQShield, and I’ve been flattering happy with it so far. IQShield’s shade protectors aren’t your standard square of plastic, yet rather a wet-install “gummy” shade guardian that is pattern to strengthen your arrangement with full coverage over a glass. In that regard, it works unequivocally well.

I’ve been regulating a IQShield on my Pixel 2 XL for about 5 days during a time of writing, and I’ve been pleased. It fits unequivocally well, doesn’t have any bubbles, and hardly looks like it is there once designation is entirely complete.

iqshield_pixel2xl_2 iqshield_pixel2xl_3

However, a designation is what will make or mangle this shade guardian for you. The full routine of installing this guardian is minute in a video below, yet prolonged story short, it’s frustrating. You’ll use a resolution enclosed in a box to soppy a shade protector, cleaning cloth, and your fingers. If we do it correctly, it works out fine, yet it’s unequivocally irritating to do a initial time (you will finish adult perplexing again).

After removing a shade guardian placed and removing a glass and froth out, you’ll notice lots of froth for a initial few hours. Those thankfully go divided after a initial day, yet if we go OCD on your shade guardian installations, usually know that this one is unequivocally going to annoy you.

The issue of my installation

Again, though, a designation is unequivocally a usually large downside to this product. It fits unequivocally well, works with each box I’ve tried, and seems to conflict scratches flattering easily. I’m not certain this will do a good pursuit of gripping a shade protected in a drop, yet it will equivocate problems with scratching — a good case can take caring of a rest.

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