Hate reverend who targeted Small Heath strike by YouTube anathema as TV couple to London militant revealed

A HATE reverend who targeted assuage Muslims in Small Heath has had his YouTube channel blocked – as it was suggested he seemed on a same TV documentary as a London terrorist.

Abu Haleema featured prominently in Channel 4’s The Jihadis Next Door that also showed Khuram Shazad Butt, one of a 3 jihadi killers behind Saturday’s atrocity.

Haleema was filmed gloating over an ISIS murder video in a documentary – and describing how open executions would be carried out on British streets underneath his chronicle of Sharia law.

Abu Haleema

The Jihadis Next Door also followed Butt and his associates as they unfurled a ISIS dwindle in Regent’s Park, Central London, in Jul 2015.

YouTube refuses to anathema hatred reverend Abu Haleema who targeted Small Heath

Haleema’s YouTube channel was blocked in a UK tonight – some-more than a year after a platform’s owners Google was approached about a calm by a Birmingham Mail.

Khuram Shazad Butt
(Photo: Metropolitan Police /PA Wire)

Butt, 27, has been related to a firebrand, who was among a organisation in a park and is also shown gleefully examination a hideous ISIS video in a fly-on-the-wall documentary.

Haleema gloats over a shave alongside associate hatred reverend Mohammed Shamsuddin, revelation him: “That’s HD quality, bruv.”

Shamsuddin also seemed alongside Butt in Regent’s Park, opposed military who challenged a radicals about a flag.

There is no idea that possibly Shamsuddin or Haleema are connected to Saturday’s attack.

Haleema’s activities have also brought him to Birmingham, where he done a ominous YouTube video directed during assuage Muslims that drew a courtesy of anti-terror police.

The film was online until tonight, notwithstanding a Birmingham Mail initial seeking a web platform’s owners Google about a inflammatory calm some-more than a year ago.

Members of a open are led divided from a stage nearby London Bridge

Members of a open are led divided from a stage nearby London Bridge

The footage showed Haleema and associates with their faces vaporous on a rooftop in Coventry Road as they targeted The Salafi Masjid, that has been tackling promotion by jihadi groups.

A shave was used in a Channel 4 documentary, that is now accessible on Netflix.

The mosque’s director, Abu-Khadeejah, was subsequently asked about a film – shot a few hundred yards from a place of ceremony and a emporium – by West Midland Police’s Counter Terrorism Unit.

Abu-Khadeejah told officers that a hazard was not so most from Haleema as from different persons who could be shabby by his burning rhetoric.

A deputy of a mosque, vocalization before a London Bridge atrocity, explained that it was targeted after fasten efforts to opposite radicalisation.

He said: “The proceed has been to fight a ideologies of ISIS who honour themselves in wanting to lapse to some arrange of Islamic caliphate.

“The textual and theological arguments have been successful in holding divided some of a legitimacy that they explain for doing this. For this reason Abu Haleema shot a video a few hundred yards from a mosque and shop. The video is still on YouTube for some bizarre reason and is there for anyone to perspective opposite a world. Google work opposite countries and jurisdictions and we don’t consider it unequivocally bothers them.”

Haleema reportedly changed from London to a East Midlands final summer, though has not been seen given he was escorted from his home in a noted military automobile final week.

Google has pronounced it takes a tough line on abusive, derogative and horrible comment, with viewers means to ‘flag’ videos to examination teams who work around a clock.



A mouthpiece has formerly referred to a complement whereby a mosque can protest to a web hulk about a content.

A summary on his channel read: “This channel is not accessible in your country.”

A mouthpiece for West Midlands Police, responding to a query about a YouTube video before Saturday’s attack, said: “West Midlands Police frequently visits and speaks to mosque leaders and worshippers opposite a force area.”

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