Having audio problems on your Galaxy S8? Here’s a fix


Some Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus owners are experiencing audio problems with their phones.

Josh Miller/CNET

If we are a Galaxy S8 owner, we have one of a many pleasing phones ever made. But all that beauty comes with one smirch — and no, it’s not a chain of a fingerprint sensor. Some owners are experiencing audio problems with their handsets

On Samsung’s village contention forums, many users have complained about audio slicing out on their phones when streaming videos, personification song or games. The emanate seems to impact a built-in speakers, and regulating headphones is a approach to by-pass a problem.

At this point, a source of a emanate has not been identified, creation it formidable to charge it to a program bug or a hardware defect. If we are experiencing this problem, we suggest doing a simple check first:

  • Is a phone on mute?
  • Do we have headphones trustworthy or interconnected around Bluetooth?
  • Did we check and implement any program updates?
  • Have we checked presentation settings? Notification alerts temporarily tongue-tied audio.
  • Is there anything inside a headphone jack?
  • Has your phone been in hit with any liquids or recently submerged? If so, give it some time to dry.

If all checks out though we are still experiencing this audio problem, there are a integrate of fixes we can try.

Reset your Galaxy S8

The initial is to perform a bureau reset on your Galaxy S8/S8 Plus. Before we do, it is a good thought to back adult your phone. To do this, go to Settings General government Reset Factory information reset. If we use a microSD card, mislay it during a reset and reinstall it afterward. Many people on Samsung’s forum have reported that doing this solved all audio issues.

Use your fingers

Another repair some owners found successful is to press resolutely an in. or dual above a speakers on a S8/S8 Plus. Samsung forum users reported that doing so easy a audio immediately. we would advise we to be clever when requesting vigour to your phone as to not means serve damage.

If any of these fixes don’t work, hit Samsung or a conduit where we purchased your phone for serve assistance. Also, it is value observant that this problem competence be a outcome of random repairs — like dropping a phone.

Samsung didn’t immediately respond for a ask to comment.

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