Head2Head: Google Drive vs Microsoft OneDrive

We review a storage capacity, price, harmony and underline set of a dual renouned cloud storage services.

Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive have been around for a prolonged while now. We demeanour during that use will best fit your needs and that of your business.

Capacity and pricing

With Google, everybody gets 15GB of storage on Google Drive for free. Every now and again, Google runs promotions that concede we to boost this extent for nothing. The additional storage can be permanent (such as when we lift out a confidence check, or buy a certain Android device) or it competence be a proxy offer. The storage we get can be divided between Google Drive, Gmail and Photos, so it competence not finish adult being adequate memory, generally if you’ve had Gmail for a while, yet is still nonetheless good to have.

Microsoft now offers only 5GB of storage (it used to offer 15GB). And that’s for personal use, there are no giveaway lunches for business users. With a personal account, there are mention bonuses that supplement additional storage.

If we wish to buy additional storage, Google offers 100GB for $2.49 per month, 1TB for $12.49 per month and 10TB for $124.99. If we wish more, Google has a 20TB package for $249.99 per month and a whopping 30TB for $374.99 per month.

Microsoft offers 50GB for $2.99 a month, though Office apps. You can get incomparable subscriptions, but they all come with Office, so your mileage competence vary. There’s also a giveaway choice that offers 5GB of storage.

If we wish terabytes of storage space afterwards it will substantially be best to select Microsoft OneDrive. However, this is a unfolding that seems doubtful for many user accounts so it creates some-more clarity to go with Google Drive.


Downloading and installing Windows clients for Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive is trivial. Users need to configure a plcae of a folder that is set to synchronise with a particular service.

Both firms have opted for a minimal proceed to their storage clients that is no bad thing as it leaves users simply carrying to understanding with a folder in Windows Explorer. Users can upload, open, revise and save files to a inaugurated Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive folder as if it was stored locally on a system.

Although this ‘less is more’ proceed formula in palliate of use, we would have favourite to see a choice of synchronising backup of internal folders with Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive folders. The ability to set pity permissions on a Windows customer is something that would be really welcome, yet OneDrive includes a Public folder with preset pity options.


Away from Windows, Microsoft’s OneDrive is upheld on Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone or accessible by a web browser.

Google Drive can be accessed around Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS X.

Extra functionality

Although Google and Microsoft have opted for minimal desktop clients, when regulating both services by a web browser a firms have left to good lengths to offer request modifying applications. Google Docs is partial of all Google accounts while Microsoft creates a Office Web Apps accessible to OneDrive users.

Microsoft’s preference to incorporate tools of a Office user interface will meant users should feel right during home. Neither Google Docs nor Microsoft’s Office Web Apps compare a facilities found on Microsoft’s Office suite, yet they do have adequate facilities to emanate elementary documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Microsoft’s preference to incorporate tools of a Office user interface will meant users should feel right during home.

In a view, conjunction Google Docs nor Microsoft’s Office Web Apps should be a understanding breaker when it comes to determining on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Both are efficient programs that concede users to do light work on papers though a need to have entirely fledged bureau suites installed.

Deployment considerations

Regardless of a qualities any product has, organisations seeking to muster possibly Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, need to take into comment a inclination within a organisation.

You will need to decider for your possess organization that mobile inclination we intend to muster in a entrance years to your staff, as both Google and Microsoft foster their possess mobile handling systems.

It’s apropos reduction and reduction of an issue, however, with both players entrance to terms with a fact their users live in an increasingly-integrated landscape, with apps carrying to work opposite a accumulation of handling systems.

Despite a fact Microsoft has been heavily compelling a Windows Phone OS around a squeeze of Nokia, for instance, Google’s Android stays a attention personality by some distance. The operation and accumulation of devices, including tablets and smartphones, deploying Android are immeasurable and appealing, definition members of an organization who opt to move their possess device into a workplace are distant some-more expected to possess an Android, or even Apple’s iOs-powered device.

Also critical to take into comment are a form of data, a grade of sensitivity, and a authorised implications for storing this information outward a UK – quite in light of a EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently entrance into force – with both Google and Microsoft charity services on a multi-tenant open cloud.

Finally, it’s critical to take note of a fact that both offer involuntary information encryption, with safeguards on user accounts and inclination vital, in light of a fact smartphones and tablets will, in theory, have entrance to any account.


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