Headspinner takes Denis Kopotun from YouTube to TV

Canadian indie Headspinner Productions and showrunner/producer Diana Moore have partnered to develop a 2D-animated array around YouTube star Denis Kopotun (formerly famous as Denis Daily).

Aimed during six- to nine-year-olds, Denis and Me will revolve around a universe of Denis (who is featured in a uncover as an eight-year-old) and his cat sidekick Sir Meows A Lot. Moore (Ollie a Boy Who Became What He Ate, Stella and Sam) and Headspinner’s Michelle Melanson are building a plan with Kopotun, who has more than 6 million subscribers and dual billion views on his YouTube channel.

Headspinner launched earlier this year after Melanson stepped down as boss of Boat Rocker’s Radical Sheep studio and teamed adult with The Stanley Dynamic co-creator and showrunner Ken Cuperus. Since then, the association has announced it’s operative on a rebooted version of Canadian kids blueprint comedy classic The Hilarious House of Frightenstein.

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