Here Are 5 Reasons to Visit UNIQLO’s New Bethesda Location

In box we missed it, UNIQLO is expanding into a DC metro area with a new store opening Sep 1st during a Pike Rose selling core in Bethesda. That means dozens of new wardrobe options for we and your whole family to select from though violation a bank.

There are a whole horde of reasons to be overjoyed, though for convenience’s sake, here are a tip 5 reasons to be vehement about UNIQLO’s initial Maryland shop.

1. Free Kung Fu Tea

It’s everyone’s favorite burble tea, and it’s nominal for visitors who come by UNIQLO’s Pike Rose plcae during a opening weekend. Stop by between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday to accept nominal tea, with flavors like Passion Fruit Green Tea, Kung Fu Milk Tea, or Winter Melon Green Tea.

2. Special promotions on best-sellers

Get special discounts on top-selling styles like Extra Fine Merino Wool Sweaters and Ultra Light Down Vests, both ideal options for fun tumble activities like apple picking, strolls by a park, or entertaining on your favorite football team. Plus, accept $5 off your subsequent squeeze of $50 or some-more when we download a UNIQLO app.

3. Complimentary alterations

If you’ve ever found a ideal character of jeans or trousers usually to comprehend they’re a small longer than you’d wish for, there’s no need to worry: UNIQLO offers giveaway alterations on any pants over $19.90. It’s a ideal resolution for shoppers who’ve found a span they adore though need to digest them a little. Walk in, try them on, get them hemmed, and take them home a same day.

4. Pike Rose is a place to be

It’s no fluke UNIQLO’s subsequent emporium is in Bethesda: Pike Rose is a premier end for shopping, dining, and party in a North Bethesda neighborhood. Featuring sparkling new restaurants and a Mid-Atlantic region’s largest rooftop farm, Pike Rose is a ideal place for a day outing in Montgomery County. The new growth gives UNIQLO a ideal end to strech residents of southern Maryland, and with an 8,000 block feet space, guest are certain to feel gentle while checking out new arrivals like a Melange Wool Hooded Knitted Coat or a Wool Cashmere Chesterfield Coat, dual ideal options for a arriving tumble weather.

5. LifeWear means everyone

UNIQLO’s LifeWear sign is a joining to conceptualizing and formulating wardrobe that is meant for all people — no matter a age, size, or tase of a shopper. Think about it: clothing, along with food and shelter, is one of humankind’s 3 simple needs. UNIQLO understands that, and has done a guarantee to emanate affordable, functional, and permitted wardrobe options that people can brew and compare to fit their personal preferences and character tastes. You’re certain to find what we need when we travel into a UNIQLO shop, and you’ll fast come to comprehend that a EZY Ankle-Length Pants we suspicion you’d usually use for work can also come in accessible for brunch or a happy hour.

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