Here are all of a best cases to go with your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ pre-order

You competence not be means to indeed get your hands onto a Samsung Galaxy S8 until later this month, though that hasn’t stopped appendage makers from already releasing cases for it. So if you’re looking to collect adult a Galaxy S8 or S8+, here’s a outline of all of a best cases to go along with your new handset…

Samsung now sells a many Android smartphones in a world, that means if we collect adult a new Galaxy S8 you will have more than adequate box choices to collect from. Depending on your character and preferred turn of protection, we should have during slightest one or dual opposite cases to select from that compare your budget.

Below are usually a handful of opposite Galaxy S8 and S8+ box choices from top accessory makers. If nothing of these fit your fancy, there are dozens of other options that can be found on AmazonMobileFun, and other outlets.

Urban Armor Gear

UAG Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

UAG is now charity 3 opposite box choices for a Galaxy S8 and S8+. Each of these has an industrial demeanour to them and all-around protection, though too many thickness. The Pathfinder and Plasma Series cases offer a classical box pattern figure that protects a behind of a phone as good as adds a mouth to a front of a display. The Metropolis Series is a wallet character box that adds a strap to cover a front of a phone.

Purchase a UAG Pathfinder Series box for $35 shipped.

Purchase a UAG Plasma Series box for $40 shipped.

Purchase a UAG Metropolis Series folio box for $40 shipped.


Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

Caseology takes a cake when it comes to charity mixed cases across a far-reaching accumulation of designs — that creates it easier for consumers to find accurately what they’re looking for. Additionally, all of a company’s offerings are accessible for underneath $20 that creates them easier for everybody’s wallet.

Purchase a Caseology Parallax Series box for $19 shipped.

Purchase a Caseology Coastline Series box for $16 shipped.

Purchase a Caseology Vault we Series box for $15 shipped.

Purchase a Caseology Vault II Series box for $15 shipped.

Purchase a Caseology Legion Series box for $19 shipped.

Purchase a Caseology Fairmont Series box for $18 shipped.


Speck Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

Speck is charity several opposite box series’ that all share a reward demeanour and feel. These cases tend to be somewhat thicker though underline a aloft turn of protection. Speck’s cases tend to be a small some-more expensive, though many cruise them value a income for their aloft quality.

Purchase a Speck Presidio box for $45 shipped.

Purchase a Speck Presidio Grip box for $45 shipped.

Purchase a Speck Presidio Clear box for $45 shipped.


Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

OtterBox is one of a tip options when it comes to additional protection. For $40 to $50, we are purchasing a box that offers some-more than all-around protection. These cases flattering many make your Samsung Galaxy S8 roughly indestructible and distant some-more volatile to drops and bumps.

Purchase the OtterBox Defender Series box for $50 shipped.

Purchase a OtterBox Commuter Series box for $40 shipped.

Purchase the OtterBox Symmetry Series box for $40 shipped.


Spigen is also one of a many obvious box manufacturers, and for a good reason. The association offers high-quality cases for a some-more than reasonable price. If you’re meditative about picking adult a box for your new Galaxy S8 or S8+ and we can’t find a box that we like from Spigen’s far-reaching operation of cases, afterwards we substantially won’t ever find one.

And if we watched a above video, we know that Spigen is charity some-more than usually a next S8 and S8+ cases. If we would like to check out all of a cases, we can conduct on over to a essay showcasing a entire Spigen collection.

Purchase the Spigen Neo Hybrid Series box for $16 shipped.

Purchase the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Galaxy Series box for $16 shipped.

Purchase the Spigen Thin Fit Series box for $11 shipped.


Lifeproof Frē Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

Finally, Lifeproof has announced that they will also be charity one of a company’s many desired cases for a S8 and S8+. The Frē box is one of a many costly options on a marketplace though it is good worth it for many. Not usually are we removing dump protection, you’re also creation your smartphone H2O and dirt proof. The box does tend to be on a thicker side and takes divided from a device’s design, though if we tend to be additional severe on your phone, Lifeproof is for you.

Purchase a Lifeproof FRĒ Series box for $90 shipped.

Kanex Screen Protector

Now that Samsung has flattering many done a entirety of a Galaxy S8 and S8+ out of glass, it is critical to strengthen it from drops and scratches. One of a best options for safeguarding a front potion on tip of a arrangement is a gradual potion shade protector. The Kanex EdgeGlass shade guardian is one of a initial on a marketplace with decent reviews and would be a good fit for your new smartphone.

Purchase the Kanex EdgeGlass gradual potion Screen Protector for $30 shipped.

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