Here’s an Official List of 120Hz Games for a Razer Phone

When Razer unveiled a Razer Phone, it done headlines for a series of reasons. It was a large pierce for a association famous for a PCs, keyboards, and video diversion peripherals. Then there’s a fact that a Razer Phone is one of a initial Android smartphones to underline a 120Hz display. But while that spec’s considerable in a possess right, it doesn’t meant most if there isn’t program to support it. So this week, Razer published an central list of Android games that have been optimized to run during 120Hz.

Android takes advantage of a 120Hz arrangement on a Razer Phone, and it creates a conspicuous difference in a UX’s scrolling and altogether responsiveness. But games are a opposite story — some of them are hard-coded to run during a bound framerate. And in a severest cases, Android developers have to go in and make changes in sequence to get a diversion to strech 120Hz.

Since it hasn’t been easy to find games that entirely support a Razer Phone’s 120Hz modernise rate, Razer published a list on a website. It’s not exhaustive, though includes each Android diversion Razer’s tested itself on a Razer Phone.


Via: Android Police
Source: Razer

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