Here’s how Google uses twin cameras for a Pixel 4’s mural mode

The biggest offered indicate for Google’s Pixel 4 is a camera performance. This has been a box given a initial Pixel came out in 2016, and that supremacy has continued year after year. The Pixel 4 stands out as a initial Pixel to boat with dual back cameras, including a 12MP primary camera and 16MP telephoto camera.

In serve to enabling we to wizz in on subjects that are distant away, a telephoto lens also allows for softened mural shots. In a new post published to a Google AI Blog, Google took some time to explain how a Pixel 4’s softened mural photos work behind a scenes.

With a Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, Google achieved mural photos regulating something called “dual-pixel auto-focus.” This was used to guess a abyss between objects, with Google serve explaining that it works by:

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