Here’s how to invalidate a Bixby Key on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Samsung’s digital partner Bixby makes it easy to finish a many common tasks on your phone. Samsung’s idea is to assistance we finish tasks with your voice that are traditionally finished by touch. While Bixby has gotten a lot improved given it was initial introduced, there is still copiousness of room for improvement. One of a biggest complaints, however, is people incidentally opening Bixby by dire a Bixby Key on a side of a Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, Note 8, and Note 9. If you’re not a fan of a artificially intelligent assistant, or would only cite to use it with only your voice, we might be means to invalidate a Bixby key.

There are 4 modes to Bixby: Bixby Home, Bixby Vision, Bixby Voice, and Bixby Reminders. The latter is an app we can entrance in a App Drawer. You can press and reason a Bixby Key to use Bixby Voice to speak to a assistant. Open a camera and daub a Bixby idol to open Bixby Vision, and appropriate to a right on a home shade to open Bixby Home. Home also opens when we press a earthy Bixby Key.

For a time being, we can simply invalidate a Bixby Key, unless you’re a unapproachable owners of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

For a time being, we can simply invalidate a Bixby Key, unless you’re a unapproachable owners of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Samsung motionless to make a Bixby Key non-negotiable on a newest flagship. We’ve asked Samsung if this was conscious in Bixby 2.0, and if this will be a box on prior Samsung smartphones that accept a update, though a association simply pronounced it hasn’t announced possibly other inclination will accept Bixby 2.0. If we have a Note 9, a best we can do is disable Bixby Home. Press and reason anywhere on a home screen, appropriate to a right to see Bixby Home, and you’ll see a toggle during a tip to spin it off.

While many Galaxy owners with a Bixby Key can invalidate it by following a stairs below, there’s no choice to remap a button. If we have a Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, we will be means to invalidate it simply by going into a settings. Once we have a many new chronicle of Bixby, appropriate right from a home shade to open Bixby and name a rigging icon. From there, we should immediately see a toggle to stop Bixby from activating when a symbol is pressed.

If we skip a practical partner after interlude a Bixby Key from working, it’s easy to bring Bixby back possibly by swiping to a Bixby Home screen, or with your voice. If we set adult voice activation, we can also contend “Hi Bixby” to open a assistant.

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