Holiday tool letdowns: How to cope with a Apple HomePod and Amazon Echo Spot delays

We’re vehement about a lot of gadgets this gift-giving season, though we were also unhappy to hear some of them won’t make it home in time for a holidays.

The initial is a $349 Apple HomePod, a company’s high-end intelligent home heart and speaker. It was scheduled to launch in Dec though has been delayed to “early 2018,” that could meant anywhere from Jan to March.

Andru Edwards, co-host of a Geared Up podcast, says he’s unhappy a HomePod won’t be accessible for a holiday season, though there are alternatives for a audiophile on your list.

His initial idea is a Sonos One, a high fealty orator with Alexa built in, and a identical Google Home Max, a high-end intelligent orator in Google’s line. Neither will work natively with Siri and Apple HomeKit a approach a HomePod would, though both share a high-end audio peculiarity of a HomePod. At $199, a Sonos One is cheaper than a HomePod. The Google Home Max is some-more expensive, during $399.

The second check comes from Amazon: The association has pushed behind a stream estimated attainment dates for a $130 Echo Spot, a bedside Alexa device with a tiny screen. The device is still technically slated for recover on Dec. 19, though many business won’t get a device until after a holiday season, even if they pre-ordered months in advance.

Andru and GeekWire’s Todd Bishop were both vehement about a Spot when Amazon unveiled a new Alexa line, and a device was set adult to be a good holiday seller. While there isn’t another device with all a same facilities as a Spot, Andru pronounced a screenless Echo Dot can work as a last-minute replacement.

Also on this episode: We hear Todd’s news after regulating a Amazon Cloud Cam in his home for dual weeks. The intelligent home confidence camera done a argumentative splash when it was announced in and with Amazon Key, a use that lets Amazon open your front doorway for smoothness drivers and potentially other in-home services.

Todd tested a Cloud Cam without a Key use and pronounced it went sincerely well. He had a few complaints about elementary program problems: For example, when he mounted a camera on his ceiling, it didn’t stagger a picture so he was saying a room upside-down. Important note: Amazon announced several updates to a camera on Thursday, after we recorded, that addressed that emanate and others Todd encountered.

Also on this episode: We take a demeanour during some of a tip sellers over Black Friday and Cyber Monday and revisit Todd’s disappointment with his iPhone X headphones.

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