Home Max


Both intelligent speakers have neat designs, though a HomePod’s compress distance creates it most easier to confederate in your decor.


While Apple’s orator finally supports stereo sound, multiroom audio and calling, Siri still doesn’t offer as many facilities as Google Assistant.


In further to not carrying as many facilities as Google Assistant, Siri doesn’t perform as good either. If we ask Siri ubiquitous trivia questions, it mostly can’t answer (and, only like on a iPhone, would prompt we to hunt Google for a answer).

Sound quality

The HomePod’s sound peculiarity is truly great, generally when we cruise a size, behaving somewhat improved altogether than a Home Max. Its sound is even improved when we mix dual HomePods into a stereo pair.


Both a HomePod and a Home Max are plain intelligent speakers. The HomePod brings improved sound, though it’s sealed into a Apple ecosystem, since Google’s Home Max offers some-more facilities and improved voice interactions.

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