HomePod 2 recover date, cost & specs rumours

It costs about double what a rivals do, it isn’t unequivocally smart, and it leaves white outlines on wooden tables. Yet a HomePod still managed to have a plain launch, earning a ton of media coverage, soap-box reviews for a sound peculiarity and (based on anecdotal evidence) clearly decent sales. Like many Apple products, it got people talking, and everybody wants to know what a association has adult a sleeve as a follow-up.

In this essay we disintegrate a clues and rumours relating to a HomePod 2: a approaching recover date, pricing and new features.

Release date

The HomePod was announced behind in Jun 2017 during WWDC, though wasn’t launched until Feb 2018. You can therefore design a flurry of expectancy nearby a finish of 2018, nonetheless as ever we have to indicate out that many Apple products don’t follow a predicted yearly ascent cycle. (The iPhone does; many others don’t.)

Still, we competence hear about a new HomePod a small progressing than that.

Economic Daily News, a Taiwanese site, has published a report creation a series of predictions about Apple’s 2018 product roadmap. Along with new iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, a website (citing attention sources) expects a new HomePod in a second half of 2018.

Apple has 3 categorical recover windows, though usually one is in a second half of a year: September, when it refreshes a iPhones. The HomePod 2 might be announced during a same event.

An progressing launch would be possible, however, if a proclamation is done during WWDC 2018 in Jun and afterwards a product appears a few weeks after – thereby usually squeezing into a second half of a year.

New features

Siri features

It’s flattering most zodiacally concurred that a HomePod is an glorious speaker. But a certification as a smart orator got a some-more churned reception, with Siri’s capabilities compared unfavourably to a Google Assistant and Alexa voice assistants in opposition products.

For this reason a categorical ascent we are awaiting – and anticipating for – in a new HomePod is a some-more desirous array of voice commands and features. (Here are a things we can ask Siri on a HomePod during a moment.)

Many reviewers have also forked out how dangerous it is that we can’t set adult mixed accounts with apart recognized voices. Logically you’d wish a HomePod to hear and recognize your child’s voice and concede singular commands (such as personification songs), afterwards also hear and recognize informed adult voices and concede some-more modernized functions such as reading out and promulgation content messages. But a HomePod isn’t that smart.

Finally, it’s a extensive reduction that HomePod’s Siri controls are not concordant with a wider operation of song streaming services. Full Spotify support, for instance, is a must.

Face ID

Another intensity underline for a next-generation HomePod could be facial recognition.

The association that is building Apple’s HomePod intelligent speakers believes that destiny models could offer this.

Inventec Appliances boss David Ho said: “Engineers are conceptualizing intelligent speakers that will not usually come with voice approval though also incorporate facilities such as facial and picture recognition. Such AI-related facilities are set to make people’s lives some-more available and to make a product easier to use.”

A chronicle of a HomePod firmware expelled progressing in 2017 referenced facial approval features, though a underline didn’t arrive in a first-generation model.

Yuanta Investment Consulting researcher Jeff Pu said Apple could hurl out HomePods with 3D-sensing cameras in 2019.

Those, then, are a new facilities we’d like to see in a HomePod 2. If a Taiwanese news is right, however, and we’ll be removing a drastically cheaper indication (see a cost section, next), it would be impractical to design a raft of new features. (It would unequivocally supplement insult to damage for early adopters if a new indication seemed reduction than a year after that was half a cost and did all a things a initial one couldn’t.)

Indeed, Apple could be approaching to cut behind on a underline set for a budget-focused version.


The first-gen HomePod costs £319/$349. (You can buy it direct from Apple.)

Ordinarily we would design chronicle 2 of an Apple product to cost roughly a same, a healthy obscure of prolongation and materials costs over time being equivalent by a increasing costs of a upgraded components. But a gossip indent would have it otherwise, and predicts that we’ll get a significantly cheaper HomePod in 2018.

The Taiwanese news mentioned and related above forecasts a cost tab of between $150 and $200, roughly half a cost of a stream model. On that basement UK pricing of around £160 seems plausible.

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