HomePod Code Leak Suggests All-New Third-Gen Apple Watch With Brilliant Feature


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If we could change one thing about a Apple Watch, what would it be? Chances are, if many Watch users were asked, they would want less coherence on a iPhone for some of a Watch’s features.

Sure, it would be good to have improved battery life. I’ll be honest, cave powers on for roughly dual days yet some users are stating approach less.

And yet a Watch is much, most some-more manageable than when it launched, we can never have adequate processor speed.

But it’s a stipulations that come from Apple Watch being what Cupertino calls ‘a messenger device’ that can be annoying. Sure, a latest indication has GPS built in, yet yet that’s useful for measuring your run most some-more accurately, we still need a iPhone circuitously to get directions to your wrist since a Watch needs mapping for that. Or, contend we wish to send a content while you’re out on your run. You need to have your iPhone with we for that, too.

The latest suggestions? All that is about to change. Bloomberg is stating that a new Apple Watch indication will be expelled before a finish of a year that will have an LTE chip so that it can send messages on a own, or download apps, tide songs that are not already on a Watch and more.

Intel will  provide a modems for a Watch, Bloomberg thinks, that will be a large change for a Watch – yet some iPhones have Intel modems in them already.

It will not be in each indication of Apple Watch. After all, if we always have your iPhone with you, because spend additional for a indication with a feature you might not use?


Ben Geskin’s chatter describes a HomePod formula that’s so intriguing.

So how approaching is this? Actually, a trickle in a final few hours seems to endorse it’s right on a money. Apple’s incidentally suggested HomePod firmware continues to be a value trove of facts. As regular Forbes co-operator Benjamin Geskin tweeted, there’s a line in a formula that says ‘obliterateGizmoPreservingeSIM’. Gizmo, apparently, refers to Apple Watch and eSIM to an electronic SIM card. If correct, this

By a way, Geskin credits Antonio Maffei (@RealAntonioM) as a male who found a line of code.

Apple won’t be a initial smartwatch builder to build a smartwatch with a possess approach to entrance a mobile network. Samsung has finished it already with models like a Gear S3. But it’s a formidable pretence to lift off as it can drastically impact battery life. Indeed, a LTE Apple Watch is rumored to have been designed already yet never transpired.

So there’s still a chance, as Bloomberg acknowledges, that a new Watch won’t aspect this year, let alone during a arriving eventuality approaching to announce a new iPhone that Apple customarily binds in September.

And to supplement amour to a mix, John Gruber from Daring Fireball, a male who knows his Apple rumors, has responded to a Bloomberg piece, saying, ‘It’s tough to exaggerate only how large a understanding this could be. No discuss in Businessweek’s report, though, of a all-new form cause that I’ve listened is entrance for this year’s new watches. That tidbit came from an unconfirmed small birdie, though, so we wouldn’t gamble a residence on it.’

Another caveat, then, and let’s remember there hasn’t been a singular trickle about a new Watch in terms of visuals of a hardware. That says to me that if a new Watch is coming, it substantially looks really identical to a one on sale now, so any leaked images have simply been reputed to be what’s on sale. Anyway, everyone’s been so laser-focused on a probable new iPhone, a Watch could have slipped by unnoticed.

Or it could meant that any new Watch is a small over off.

Still, a multiple of a Bloomberg news and a leaked HomePod information positively seem to prove that something is coming. Fingers crossed…

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