HomePod firmware gives us a few some-more clues about Apple’s intelligent …

The Apple HomePod is entrance this December, we competence remember, and interjection to some minute firmware research from developer Steve Troughton-Smith, we now know a small bit some-more about a intelligent orator shortly to be invading a homes.

It looks like a device is using on a flattering full chronicle of iOS – only though a screen, apparently – though for now there’s no support for third-party apps on a speaker, according to a digging Troughton-Smith has been doing.

That doesn’t meant a HomePod will never support third-party apps (remember a initial iPhone), and Apple might indeed supplement a capability between now and December, though as a firmware stands during a impulse we won’t be installing Spotify or Audible on a HomePod.

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Other clues we have from a formula advise a hold aspect during a tip is an LED pattern able of displaying shapes and symbols, not only a collection of LED lights. It also seems that Apple’s accessibility features, like VoiceOver, are included.

The device’s on-board controls, meanwhile, are singular to activating Siri, adjusting a volume, and environment alarms on a HomePod, though we flattering most knew that anyway after removing some hands-on time with a orator in June.

Not most to go on though some additional nuggets of information for those of we energetically available a HomePod’s introduction. The device goes on sale in a US, a UK and Australia in December, costing $349 (about £265 or AU$435), with general pricing still to be announced (it’s doubtful to be a true banking conversion).

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