HomePod firmware reveals some-more secrets of Apple’s intelligent speaker

Apple’s HomePod intelligent orator will run iOS — like an iPhone yet a screen, yet it won’t support third celebration apps or extensions according to firmware posted online. That was substantially to be approaching during launch, yet Apple could still announce third-party support before HomePod’s recover after this year. The formula was initial analyzed by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, as speckled by 9to5Mac and others.

Troughton-Smith found that a intelligent speaker’s bombard app is called SoundBoard. That’s many expected a curtsy to SpringBoard, a focus that manages a iOS home screen. The orator seems to run a full iOS stack, according to a developer, with a apps prefixed with “Air,” such as AirMusic and AirPodcasts. The firmware also confirms a + and – buttons a tip of a device, shown in June, are used to control Siri, boot alarms or timers, and for volume control. Troughton-Smith also adds that a aspect during a centre of a HomePod looks to be a LED Matrix, rather than only vast LEDs, definition a device could arrangement shapes and symbols.

“I don’t know that there’s most else to contend about HomePod other than this,” Troughton-Smith tweeted. “From what we can tell it’s only all of iOS on a device sans screen.” HomePod will also have Apple’s shade reader VoiceOver, and other accessibility options.

In Toughton-Smith’s digging, he also found that a firmware reveals a existence of an infra-red face clear underline in a subsequent iPhone’s Biometric Kit as good as a phone’s shade design.

These are a initial semi-official sum we’ve listened given WWDC. The HomePod is scheduled for recover in Dec for $349.

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