HomePod Firmware Suggests iPhone 8 May Record 4K Video during 60 FPS With Both Front and Rear Cameras

We’ve schooled a lot about a arriving iPhone 8 interjection to HomePod firmware that Apple incidentally expelled to a public, and a latest fact highlights what we can design from a front and back cameras in a device.

Uncovered by Brazilian site iHelp BR, formula within a firmware seems to spirit during front and back cameras means of recording video in 4K during 60 frames per second.

Currently, a back camera in a iPhone 7 and a iPhone 7 Plus is means to constraint 4K video during 30 frames per second, while a front-facing camera is singular to 1080p recording. Though these specifications are mentioned, it’s not nonetheless wholly transparent if this is functionality that we can design to see in a iPhone 8, though a softened support rate could be useful for a protracted existence applications entrance in iOS 11.

From leaks progressing this week, we’ve also schooled that a front and back confronting cameras might also benefit “SmartCamera” facilities means to detect opposite forms of scenes, print conditions, and photography subjects.

The HomePod firmware has supposing a resources of information about a iPhone, and in further to these camera changes, it’s also reliable infrared facial recognition, a ubiquitous figure of a iPhone 8, and facilities like a separate sensor bar and daub to wake.

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