HomePod: Imagining a destiny family of intelligent speakers [Concept]

HomePod is finally roughly here, though will one distance truly fit all or could we eventually see a whole family of intelligent speakers from Apple? Keeping with true Apple tradition, this is naturally the impulse to consternation and ask: what about HomePod 2 and new variants? Check out a concepts below:

While Apple could simply only make incomparable and smaller versions of HomePod with varying levels of sound quality, it’s some-more fun to suppose other possibilities for destiny HomePods.

HomePod as we know it currently will expected hang around though any form cause change needed, nonetheless we could see Apple toying around with a $349 price, charity some-more Siri features, and maybe even introducing opposite tone options … like bullion and silver.

For HomePod to develop into a full lineup of intelligent speakers, Apple would need to deliver incomparable and smaller versions. Let’s call these HomePod Plus and HomePod Express.

HomePod Plus needs to be opposite adequate from a strange HomePod and a probable HomePod 2, though Apple could still hang to a same form cause for a many part. Taking a cylinder figure and going wider could emanate new opportunities for bigger and louder sound while still progressing HomePod’s comparatively compress size.

Imagine HomePod Plus as something like to dual HomePods in one body. If we unequivocally wish to get creative, we could take advantage of a wider form cause by creation a tip aspect an AirPower-style wireless horse for your iPhone.

Apple could even interest to orator heads who aren’t confident with HomePod’s miss of I/O by saving line-in and LAN connectivity for a some-more costly version. HomePod Plus could be a loyal Sonos Play:5 killer.

Finally, Apple could fist a sorcery of HomePod in a cheaper unstable chronicle called HomePod Express. HomePod already borrows a ‘Pod’ name from a iPod era, and HomePod Express could go serve by borrowing iPod Classic-style click circle controls in place of a hold aspect used on aloft finish models.

HomePod Express could even deftly confederate a possess lanyard identical to a Loop appendage enclosed on prior iPod hold models, and H2O insurgency could make HomePod Express a ultimate pool celebration speaker.

Of march holding HomePod out of a residence and on a go would meant unstable power. HomePod Express could embody a built-in battery with wireless charging, no charging pier needed, and embody a bundled wireless charging base.

Different adequate from a rest of a HomePod lineup, while still giving business a improved product than Amazon Echo and other unstable speakers.

What are your thoughts — could any of these changes make HomePod value a squeeze for you? Let us know in a comments, and conduct over to www.martinhajek.com/homepod-part-2/ to see a whole collection of destiny HomePod concepts.

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