HomePod is still hopeless, and it’s (mostly) Siri’s fault

HomePods went on sale in Europe this week, and we systematic one. It arrived a unequivocally subsequent day. we attempted it out, and afterwards sent it behind to Apple a day after that. Why? Because it’s a half-finished product. Siri is usually as glitchy and irritating on HomePod as elsewhere. It doesn’t work scrupulously with a Mac. And it’s not even a unequivocally good speaker.

Hey Siri. Siri?

For a HomePod to work during all, Siri needs to be excellent, and Siri is distant from excellent. In a Cult of Mac Slack chat, a possess Luke Dormehl pronounced that Apple totally missed a indicate of intelligent speakers when it done a high-end orator though decent intelligent features. we disagree. Any Apple-designed hardware will always be beautifully-made, and high-end, even when it doesn’t work properly. So that partial was a given.

It’s not that Apple focussed on a wrong aspect of a intelligent speaker. Apple done a best intelligent orator it could. It’s usually that Siri isn’t anywhere nearby good enough, and it doesn’t seem like Apple knows how to repair it. Year after year, Siri’s ability to commend and act on a simplest commands continues to be a bad joke. we use Siri to set a 4 notation time to high my tea many days, and maybe a entertain of a time, it can’t even conduct that.

Forget a imagination home-control features, or a formation with calendars for a second. Siri can’t even reliably hoop personification a right song, or skipping tracks, or other song controls. And with a commodity underline like that, Siri has to perform tighten to 100%. Imagine if a volume buttons on your iPhone usually worked half a time, and we never knew that half? Would we accept that?


The iPhone and iPad don’t need multi-user support, since they’re personal devices. But a orator that anyone can speak to? That’s already a multi-user device. The miss of mixed accounts is bewildering. Remember, this isn’t a square of beta software. It’s a flagship hardware product, and nonetheless it is blank so many essential basis that it might as good be.

Mac, AirPlay 2

If we watch a film on your iPad, and tide a audio to an AirPlay orator of any vintage, a audio will sync perfectly. Try that on a Mac with HomePod, and you’re out of luck. Even if we use iTunes to play a film regulating a built-in AirPlay streaming, a audio will loiter by a integrate of seconds.

Bad speaker

But all of this could be forgiven if a HomePod was a decent speaker. It’s small, it looks good, and since t9’s airplay 2, it sufferers nothing of a tie glitches of other AirPlay speakers. It’s roughly as arguable as carrying a wire, usually though a wire. The problem is, it doesn’t sound good.

Cranked up, a volume of sound and a tranquil thunk of a drum are impressive. It unequivocally doesn’t seem like such a large sound could come from such a tiny package. But if we indeed listen to a music, it’s not that great. Vocals and instruments can be oppressive and splashy. When used quietly, or during unchanging home-listening volumes, a HomePod is no improved than a six-year-old Libratone Zipp we still use.

I don’t know because a HomePod got such soap-box reviews when it launched. The audiophile reviewers got held adult in a hype, we guess. The HomePod isn’t bad, though conjunction is it quite special. Here’s what Luke pronounced about a reviews when a HomePod launches in a U.S.:

So far, usually about each reviewer (including a possess one) has mentioned a high peculiarity sound constructed by Apple’s $350 HomePod intelligent speaker. The usually exception has been Consumer Reports, nonetheless they focused some-more on a sound of songs, rather than a HomePod’s considerable patented technology for stuffing a space.

That’s right. The usually reviewer that reviewed how a orator indeed sounds, instead of a specs, found it lacking.

And remember, if we wish to use it to a full audio potential, we need a span of a things, that costs €700 where we live, or over $800. For that we can buy a severely considerable pair of powered speakers that will blow HomePod away. No, they don’t have Siri, though they work with any device we own, and Siri doesn’t work anyway.

The HomePod, then, is half-finished. It sounds ok, it does some intelligent things ok, and it fails to work scrupulously with anything though an iOS device. Some of this — a miss of AirPlay 2 in a Mac, for instance — is annoying enough. But a large problem is Siri. It’s like that film Cool Runnings, that follows a Jamaican Olympic bobsleigh team. Siri is that team: Far behind a competition, and clearly unqualified of ever throwing up, and nonetheless Apple keeps promulgation her out anyway.

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