HomePod expected gaining Calendar support alongside iOS 11.4 release

The miss of Calendar support for Siri on HomePod has been a vivid emanate of Apple’s home orator given a recover earlier this year. Now new justification suggests that will shortly change when iOS 11.4 is released.

Siri Personal Requests on HomePod now usually work for Messages, Reminders and Notes. These are compared with a iPhone that was used to set adult HomePod and usually work for a singular user when both inclination are on a same Wi-Fi network.

Amazon Alexa, for comparison, has upheld iCloud Calendar interactions on Echo intelligent speakers given before HomePod was strictly unveiled. A few months after release, HomePod appears to finally be throwing adult with a underline we would design from day one.

While environment adult a new HomePod for a initial time, a iOS step-by-step routine asks a user if they wish to capacitate Personal Requests, display examples of apps that can be used with a feature. Until iOS 11.4 beta 2, a apps shown were singular to Messages, Reminders and Notes. With iOS 11.4 beta 3, a setup interface now shows Messages, Reminders, Calendar and Notes.

Although a outline next a icons has not been altered nonetheless to prove Calendar support, this is a flattering good denote that Siri on HomePod will support Calendar shortly — creation Personal Requests some-more useful to users.

Support for Calendar requests on HomePod should hurl out when iOS 11.4 and a compared HomePod program refurbish are expelled to all users. It can’t be tested during a impulse since there’s no developer or open program beta accessible for HomePod, that should get a 11.4 refurbish alongside iOS in a few weeks.

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