HomePod OS 12: new facilities entrance to a HomePod

An refurbish to HomePod program will shortly be expelled that will supplement new functionality to Apple’s intelligent speakers that launched behind in Feb 2018.

If we have nonetheless to buy a HomePod we competence be meddlesome to learn that there are rumours that Apple could launch a new HomePod subsequent spring. It competence be smaller and cheaper than a stream model.

HomePod OS 12 Release date

The HomePod program will be updated during a same time as iOS 12 launches on 17 Sep 2018.

We explain how to refurbish your HomePod in this article, though radically we will need to implement a refurbish on your HomePod around your iPhone, that will need to be regulating iOS 12 (here’s how to download iOS 12).

This isn’t a initial program refurbish to boat for a HomePod, chronicle 1.4 combined stereo sound and multi-room abilities behind in May 2018.

New HomePod features

The HomePod program refurbish will move a following new facilities and functionality, some of these updates have been announced by Apple, others have seemed in a iOS 12 beta and are expected.

  • Users will be means to place phone calls directly from a HomePod (currently users have to make or take a call on an iPhone and afterwards palm it over to a HomePod).
  • Users will be means to listen to voicemails on a HomePod.
  • The HomePod will work with Find My iPhone so users will be means to get it to play a sound on that device (or any other Apple device we have set adult for a service) if they have unnoticed it.
  • Set some-more than one timer. One of a many frustrating omissions from a HomePod was that it wasn’t probable to set some-more than one timer – as we competence have if we were cooking dinner, for example. Apple’s regulating that with a update.
  • Change a WiFi network a HomePod is connected to. Right now a HomePod will automatically join a WiFi network that your iPhone is using. After a refurbish removing a HomePod to switch to another network – maybe since a one it’s on is too diseased – should be easier.
  • There will also be softened denunciation support. (And on 26 Oct HomePod will launch in Spain and Mexico.)
  • The HomePod will be means to send a audio from organisation FaceTime calls (once organisation FaceTime arrives).

  • You’ll be means to hunt for songs by Lyrics. So, if we don’t know a song’s name, we could only say: “Hey Siri, play a strain that goes …” And quote a verse that we know.
  • Trigger Siri Shortcuts around a HomePod. This will make a large disproportion to how HomePod works with your Home Automation accessories as we will be means to set off bondage of events with a singular command. For example, if we pronounced “goodnight” Siri could automatically spin off a lights, spin down a heating, and tighten a blinds (if we had a right HomeKit accessories).

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