HomePod OS 12 private beta reportedly includes Siri mixed timers, make and answer phone calls, more

Apple has seeded a private beta for HomePod to Apple corporate and (some) sell employees for a while. iGeneration is reporting that a HomePod OS 12.0 beta, presumably set to be expelled alongside iOS 12 in a fall, has several vital new facilities for Siri on a HomePod.

The beta reportedly includes phone call features, permitting a user to start and answer calls from a HomePod, as good as Find My iPhone Siri command, and maybe many dramatically — support for mixed timers are apparently on a cards.

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The HomePod launched with a constrained speakerphone option, utilising a six-mic array to pickup a voices in a room. However, a device now has no believe of a user’s hit book, so we can't ask a HomePod to make a call.

Instead, users contingency trigger a call on their phone and afterwards switch a audio outlay to a HomePod when a call begins. Similarly, if someone rings your phone, a HomePod does not ring. Users contingency collect adult their iPhone to accept a call, and afterwards optionally track a audio to a HomePod.

The news says these phone call facilities are stirring as they are in contrast now. As good as dialing numbers and responding incoming calls, we will also be means to listen to voicemail and hunt your call history. At WWDC, Apple pronounced a HomePod will be means to attend in organisation FaceTime calls as an audio-only participant.

Of course, Apple has not publicly betrothed of any of this things and final timelines are unknown. Some of a facilities now in a extended private beta could be behind to destiny releases.

Just like each other height with a tumble program update, HomePod OS 12.0 includes support for Find My iPhone so we can ask Siri to locate your iPhone (or any of your other devices) and make it play a sound. One other tidbit is that a Home app now includes a ‘fix Wi-Fi’ symbol (exact interpretation unclear). Tapping this creates a HomePod bond to a same Wi-Fi network as a interconnected iPhone; this was unfit before but entirely resetting a HomePod. In fact, with a stream HomePod firmware, a user can't even know what SSID they are connected to.

The biggest news tucked into this news is that a beta presumably includes mixed timers, so users can run some-more than one timer simultaneously. This is one of a many constrained aspects of Amazon Echo tubes in a kitchen; we can have a 60-minute timer named ‘cake’ and a ten-minute timer named ‘cookies’ regulating during a same time, for example. You can afterwards ask a partner for a standing of a sold timer, and apparently both sound a tinge when they time out. Unfortunately, an accurate relapse of what facilities a HomePod beta now includes are not known; a recover records simply pronounced ‘multiple named timers’.

The facilities lonesome in this news paint estimable upgrades for HomePod owners, and assistance strength out most of a blank ‘personal assistant’ functionality when compared to Google Home or a Echo cylinders. Hopefully, business will be means to start regulating during slightest some of these new functions in a September/October timeframe, when we also design Apple to recover iOS 12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12.

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