HomePod Sales May Be Closer to 1-1.5 Million Than 3 Million Since a Speaker Launched

HomePod shipments totaled an estimated 700,000 units in a second entertain of 2018, giving Apple a roughly 6 percent share of a worldwide intelligent orator market, according to research organisation Strategy Analytics.

Strategy Analytics formerly estimated HomePod shipments totaled 600,000 units in a initial entertain of 2018, suggesting that worldwide shipments have reached 1.3 million units given a orator became accessible to sequence in a United States, Australia, and a United Kingdom in late January.

That figure is many reduce than one common by investigate organisation Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, that recently estimated Apple has sole 3 million HomePods in a United States alone given a orator launched.

The poignant opposite in a datasets stems from a fact that Apple doesn’t divulge HomePod sales, instead organisation a orator underneath a “Other Products” difficulty in a benefit reports, alongside a Apple Watch, Apple TV, AirPods, Beats, iPod touch, and other Apple and third-party accessories.

Apple reported income of $3.74 billion from a “Other Products” difficulty final quarter, adult 37 percent from $2.73 billion in a year-ago quarter.

Shipments aren’t sales, either, so it’s unfit to know accurately how many HomePods finished adult in a hands of customers.

If we had to guess, we’d contend a Strategy Analytics numbers are substantially some-more within a ballpark, as a HomePod is a niche product. The orator is also accessible in only 6 countries, after rising in Canada, France, and Germany in June, with no denote when accessibility might enhance to other regions.

Versus a Competition

HomePod was a world’s fourth many renouned intelligent orator in a second quarter, behind a Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Chinese association Alibaba’s Tmall Genie, according to Strategy Analytics.

Amazon remained a personality in a difficulty final quarter, with a Echo autocratic an estimated 41 percent marketplace share, while a Google Home finished runner-up with an estimated 27 percent marketplace share, according to Strategy Analytics. Alibaba took third place with an estimated 7 percent marketplace share.

While a HomePod has done rather of a dent, Apple still has poignant belligerent to make up, that is to be approaching given a intelligent orator launched around dual to 3 years after a biggest competitors.

It might be tough for Apple to benefit serve marketplace share unless it releases a some-more competitively labelled model, as a HomePod during $349 is extremely some-more costly than a Amazon Echo, labelled from $50, and a Google Home, $129.

To that end, rumors advise Apple might have a lower-priced HomePod or a Siri-enabled Beats orator in a pipeline.

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