HomePod Will Pass Certain Siri Queries To The iPhone/iPad

During WWDC progressing this year, Apple announced a HomePod that is fundamentally a company’s take on a Amazon Echo and Google Home, solely that it will come with Siri baked inside of it. Now interjection to a deeper demeanour during a firmware of a HomePod and developer documentation, some-more sum about a HomePod and a functionality have been revealed.

One of a things suggested in a firmware and support is how a HomePod will hoop Siri queries. Basically it seems that Siri on a HomePod will be rather barebones, where it will be able of doing song playback queries on a device itself. However anything more, it appears that it will send those queries to a related iPhone or iPad instead for processing.

We suspect given that Apple seems to be positioning a HomePod as a device for song consumption, it creates clarity that they would try to keep Siri song queries internal to a device. Whether handing queries off to a apart device like a related iPhone or iPad will means any delays stays to be seen as a HomePod has nonetheless to be strictly released.

The HomePod is now set for a recover by a finish of a year, though there have been reports to advise that it could face some supply constraints during a start.

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