HomePod will pass Siri queries over song playback to related iPhone or iPad for processing


A excavate into a new HomePod firmware, and developer support shows that Apple’s stirring intelligent orator will routine full Siri queries on a synchronized iPhone or iPad rather than refusing them, or estimate them on-device.

Alongside a iOS 11.2 beta and HomePod firmware update, Apple noted that full SiriKit requests, such as those involving contacts, Messaging, Lists, and Notes will be handed off to a connected iPhone or iPad for processing. Looking serve during developer documentation, music-related requests demeanour to be rubbed exclusively on a device, and won’t need handoff to a related device.

Developers can exam app harmony for voice-only Siri requests by joining headphones into an iPhone or iPad using iOS 11.2.

Apple’s $349 HomePod was suggested during the 2017 WWDC and will boat in December. The HomePod is powered by an Apple A8 chip featuring realtime acoustic modeling, audio beam-forming, and multi-channel relate cancelation. It also facilities a subset of Siri, optimized for song consumption.

Apple has been stirring about what a device will be able of during launch given it was announced during a 2017 WWDC. The developer’s records surrounding iOS 11.2 are a initial denote of how a HomePod would hoop some-more required Siri requests.

“One of a advantages that we have is that there are a lot of things that Siri knows to do from a cloud,” Apple CEO Tim Cook pronounced in an interview shortly after a entrance of a device. “We’ll start with a collection of those as (marketing chief) Phil (Schiller) showed we currently during a keynote, and afterwards we can gamble that there’s a good follow-on activity as well.”

Earlier firmware examinations suggested that a A8-powered HomePod will exaggerate 1GB of RAM and a 272-by-340 pixel screen, suggesting that easy app support will be probable for a hardware in a future.

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