How Google shabby a Irvington schools by the executive of technology, who quit

At a summits, he’s an interesting motivational orator who tells a good story about a glories of all things Google. You can locate him dressed adult as Darth Vader in one schtick about Google Sheets. He’s famous for his wacky three-minute monologues about “something Googly”in a competitionsthat interpretation an EdTechTeam summit. 

The New Jersey weekend during that Lubinsky worked for EdTechTeam, while he was paid by Irvington, was not an removed occurrence, a Tax Watch review found.

“That’s double-dipping of a misfortune kind,” pronounced Mark Davies, a former executive executive of New York City’s Conflict of Interest Board, who teaches during Fordham Law School. “Getting paid by a private employer and propagandize district during a same time — that’s a genuine problem.”

The review also found that Lubinsky’s pay-rate that weekend in New Jersey was partial of a tip understanding struck between him and a Irvington propagandize administration. In 2017, Irvington paid him $11,191 for summer work as a clergyman when he wasn’t authorised given he’d already been promoted to turn an administrator. 

That transaction has lifted questions about a administration’s complicity in Lubinsky’s scheme, according to district documents, and Lubinsky’s endless amicable media postings on Twitter and Instagram. The district has nonetheless to divulge what Lubinsky did during those summer days to acquire $11,191. 

A day after Tax Watch emailed Lubinsky seeking comment on sum of a probe, he resigned on Jan. 24, effective Mar 25. Superintendent Harrison pronounced Thursday that Lubinsky will be paid over a subsequent dual months to work from home “to finish suitable assignments that are unchanging with his pursuit title.”

His abdication came 10 days after Tax Watch asked Irvington Board of Education President Michael Hanna about a deal, and a day after a propagandize house on Jan. 22 retroactively authorized a remuneration — including a days Lubinsky worked for EdTechTeam.

The propagandize house also announced a possess inner review into “certain discrepancies compared with annals for a specific employee.”

On Friday, a propagandize house convened an “emergency meeting” to accept Lubinsky’s resignation.

Code of ethics

The Irvington review might demeanour into either Lubinsky disregarded a district’s Code of Ethics. 

Under a code, an worker can’t work for a private employer if that work “creates a dispute with or impairs a correct liberate of his or her central duties.”

“It’s obvious,” pronounced Della Lenz, an Irvington parent.  “We have a design of him operative for a businessman while we are profitable him.” 

Irvington employees are barred from receiving a present valued during some-more than $75, that includes money, travel or hospitality, underneath resources when it “could be pretty unspoken that a present was dictated to change him or her in a opening of his or his central duties, or was dictated as a prerogative for any central action.”

EdTechTeam has lonesome Lubinsky’s transport losses on trips he took while on propagandize business, according to his requests for acceptance credits for attending EdTechTeam events. Those requests were approved by Raina Kor, Irvington’s partner superintendent for instruction and tellurian resources.

That enclosed a outing to Sunnyvale, California, in October, 2017, to a Google EDU Think Tank, for that Lubinsky was reimbursed for $1,136 for transport and lodging. He finished a request on Mar 6, 2018, some-more than four months after a eventuality concluded. Kor authorized remuneration dual days later, papers show. 

Irvington mom blows a whistle

The Tax Watch review was sparked by Lenz, a tech-savvy mom of three, who stumbled opposite Lubinsky’s EdTechTeam gig on amicable media. 

She detected Lubinsky’s general travels with a district businessman by postings on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. She was dumbfounded by what she found, and sought assemblage annals underneath a state Freedom of Information Law.

She discovered that Irvington taxpayers were profitable Lubinsky’s income on days his Twitter and Instagram feeds disclosed his work for EdTechTeam. 

“I started stuffing in dates in a notebook, and afterwards a cover filled up,” she said. “Every time I’d demeanour I’d find another example. It was wild.” 

Lubinsky has given scrubbed his Twitter account and altered a environment on his Instagram comment to private.

Lenz on Friday called on state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli to examine what she pronounced was a executive of technology’s entrenched dispute of interest.

“My regard is that a district is some-more good to strengthen a administration than a taxpayers,” she said. “We can’t have a same people questioning whose signatures are all over it.”

The Tax Watch review detected additional discrepancies.

One emanate concerns the weeklongtrip Lubinsky took to Asia in November 2017. It came during a propagandize year in that Lubinsky warranted $158,755, including $2,846 for 5 vacation days he cashed in given he didn’t use them when he was on a highway operative for a district vendor. 

The assemblage annals Lenz perceived in Mar 2018 indicated Lubinsky took no vacation during a week that he toured Korea, and delivered a keynote residence during EdTechTeam’s Singapore summit. 

That altered after Tax Watch asked for Lubinsky’s time in January. The request The Journal News/lohud received on Jan. 23 detailed that Lubinsky took 4 vacation days and a personal day that week. 

Another probable inequality endangered how a district accounted for Lubinsky’s mid-November transatlantic debate for a week with EdTechTeam in Denmark. He went to Copenhagen with Irvington High English clergyman Jen De Lisi-Hall, who was authorised to be out of a classroom for a week so she could obtain her Google Innovator certification. Lubinsky worked as an EdTeachTeam manager that week. 

Documents supposing in Dec by Assistant Superintendent Carol Stein to Tax Watch showed that Lubinsky took 4 vacation days to cover his absence. Yet a conflicting document provided by Stein to Tax Watch on Jan. 23 showed he took customarily 3 vacation days, that meant Lubinsky should have been backin Irvington on Friday, Nov. 16. 

Lubinsky’s Twitter feed showed otherwise. That Friday, he was still in Copenhagen, operative for EdTechTeam.    

Neither Hanna nor Harrison would respond to questions per Lubinsky. 

Working for a second employer while we are on a time for a open group can have authorised consequences, a Buffalo school employee schooled in 2015. State investigators found that Noe Rodriguez submitted time annals for operative full days during a Buffalo district when he also clocked in during another propagandize district, 25 miles away, during some of a same hours. 

He pleaded guilty to shaping to defraud, a felony, and paid $18,000 in compensation after a state Comptroller business detected his double dipping.

Lubinsky in Irvington

Lubinsky, a mechanism scholarship vital during SUNY Binghamton, became an Irvington math clergyman in 2004.  He was named record coordinator in 2006, record coach/chief information officer in 2009, and module authority in 2013. He was promoted to executive of record on Aug. 1, 2017. 

“I don’t perspective record as apart from instruction,” he told Tax Watch in November. “We need to get teachers to use record to change a educational experience.”

Lubinsky’s work for Irvington is in the initial line of his endless form posted on a EdTechTeam website. He concurred he was paid by EdTechTeam. Neither Lubinsky nor EdTechTeam responded to questions about how many he was paid.  

“It’s customarily on weekends or in a summertime,” he said.

On his initial day as an executive in August 2017, Irvington hosted EdTechTeam’s MasterClass World tour. Irvington paid $3,984 to Lubinsky’s side-employer so 16 Irvington teachers could attend “in-district Google consultant workshops.” The internal teachers were among 60 educators from seven states and three countries that came for a day to learn from a authors of 4 preparation record books only published by EdTechTeam Press.

“It’s a sales tactic that worked for EdTechTeam,” Lenz said. “They were there to sell Google. And we gave them a venue where they could sell.” 

EdTechTeam and Google 

EdTechTeam, a heading name for a California-based Educational Technology and Life Corp., has 37 employees, and some-more than 250 contractors worldwide, its website states.  Those contractors embody Lubinsky and SWBOCES worker Cronk, a partner manager of rising technologies during a Lower Hudson Regional Information Center. Cronk’s bio states that she “oversees and strategically skeleton a Google Apps transformations of several propagandize districts in Westchester County,” according to a Southern Westchester BOCES website.

EdTechTeam’s mobile app shows that Cronk presented during a EdTechTeam Capital Region summits with Lubinsky in a Albany area in 2017 and 2018. She also worked with Lubinsky in 2017 at a Connecticut Summit in Manchester, Connecticut and a Upstate South Carolina Summit in Easley, South Carolina.  

Jennifer Cronk, Sabrina Rich and Jesse Lubinsky graphic with their Pioneer Awards

Her work for EdTechTeam does not dispute with her duties, pronounced SWBOCES orator Brian Howard.

“SWBOCES views Ms. Cronk’s work with EdTechTeam as profitable to her work with LHRIC Instructional Technology as it enhances her imagination in this field,” he said. 

In a company’s 2017 Impact Report, EdTechTeam calls itself “the tellurian leader” for Google for Education Certification, observant it constructed 115 summits featuring Google for Education in 2017, and another 165 Bootcamp events. The summits pull adult to 600 teachers, with propagandize districts profitable $349 a conduct for attendance, pronounced Molly Bennett, EdTechTeam’s executive executive of summits.

Lubinsky is among EdTechTeam’s tip consultants, with a Irvington clergyman a lead executive during some meetings and delivering keynote addresses at others. In a summer of 2019, he’s heading adult a group that’s holding educators during EdTechTeam’s Summit during Sea, an eight-day Caribbean tour sailing from Miami on Jul 27.

At one of his many renouned workshops, he dresses adult as Star Wars knave Darth Vader in a event called Revenge of a Sheets, in that he explains a wonders of Google’s spreadsheet software.

Another called “Down a Rabbit Hole with Google Tools” facilities a display in that Lubinsky touts 48 Google products or events, trimming from Google maps, Tour Building and Expeditions to Chrome Music Lab and Google translate.


“He’s a superstar,” pronounced EdTechTeam’s Bennett. “He brings genuine life experiences, and his whole fun personality. His keynote about a super favourite debate has an lenient and moving summary about kids desiring in themselves.”

Bennett did not respond to emailed questions per Lubinsky’s dispute of interest. 

Lisa Thumann, EdTechTeam’s comparison executive of training and learning, pronounced a network of consultants are mostly operative educators, like Lubinsky and Cronk.

These consultants get paid to give talks during workshops, with their transport and camp losses covered, she said.

“We cite to work with classroom practitioners,” she said. “Who is improved to assistance a clergyman urge their training in a classroom than another teacher? A classroom clergyman can emanate stories and share successes and failures of what they’ve indeed finished with students.”

Lubinsky is among 7 educators accessible for sinecure in EdTechTeam’s orator bureau, another of a company’s businesses, by that organizations compensate a smallest of $5,000 for a keynote address, a website states.

Lubinsky’s amicable media posts document his frequent visits to Google domicile in Manhattan and Mountain View, California.

That includes a revisit Lubinsky finished to Google domicile in Mountain View on Jul 20, 2018. That’s a day he was paid by Irvington taxpayers to attend a “meeting – out of district,” district annals show.

“Mothershippin’,” Lubinsky announced on an Instagram post.

Google purchases adult in Irvington 

Lubinsky’s graduation gave him increasing energy over Irvington’s record purchases.

Among his responsibilities were managing relations with record consultants and vendors. He also facilitated the decision-making routine “for a procurement, integration, coordination, operation, designation and upkeep of software, hardware, email, internet, training and support of all technologies in all sectors of a district,” according to job’s central posting.

Lubinsky’s October 2018 report, “Technology: Moving Forward,” detailed Irvington reliance on Google technology, with students regulating Google Chromebooks and Google Docs. Professional growth for teachers focused on Google enlightening collection such as Hangouts and Expedition, and comment collection such as Google Forms, Flipgrip, Dotopus/Goobric, and Flubaroo.

Irvington began a attribute with EdTechTeam in 2015, while Lubinsky was a district’s technology manager and arch information officer. Since then, Irvington paid EdTechTeam $7,057 for 3 workshops, including dual during that Lubinsky was operative for EdTechTeam, according to EdTechTeam’s mobile app and Instagram postings.

Google has prospered during Lubinsky’s reign as Irvington’s executive of technology. 

When he was still a teacher, Irvington bought 164 Chromebooks and spent $54,691 on Google products over 25 months from Jul 2015 by Aug 2017. That’s about $26,000 a year for Google.

Those purchases grew substantially after Lubinsky became the administrator who facilitated record purchases in Aug 2017.

Over a subsequent 16 months, Irvington purchased 493 Chromebooks, and spent $126,359 on Google products. That’s roughly 4 times some-more – $95,000 a year. 

Lubinsky’s promotion 

The tip remuneration of $11,191 to Lubinsky for work as a clergyman in a summer of 2017, and his graduation to executive of technology, was a routine filled with controversial actions.

It concerned Lubinsky’s graduation to a executive position of executive of technology, effective Jul 1, that meant any work he did that Jul would be lonesome by his new administrator’s salary, and he’d have to take vacation time if he was divided from Irvington that summer. 

But Lubinsky also had commitments to EdTechTeam that month in North Carolina, and he wanted to save adult his vacation days so he could money them in after in a year, that he after did, collecting $2,846.

He asked to be paid as a clergyman in July, even yet he’d been hired as an executive and was incompetent for a pay. 

Here’s how it went according to documents:

  • June 20: Superintendent Harrison announces that Irvington wants to emanate a executive post of executive of record and mentions Lubinsky was a intensity candidate
  • June 21: The district posts a job, with a start date of Aug. 1. 
  • Week of Jul 17: Lubinsky works for EdTechTeam. 
  • Aug. 22: School house approves Lubinsky’s employing as an administrator, retroactive to Jul 1, and places him on delinquent leave as a teacher. 
  • Aug. 30: Lubinsky submits time sheets  for summer work as a teacher, including 13.5 days in July,  even yet he was an administrator. Administrators had to work 20 days that month.  
  • Sept 11: Assistant Superintendent Kor approves his compensate as a teacher.  
  • Sept. 12: The Irvington propagandize house changes his start date as an executive to Aug. 1 to make authorised a remuneration of $11,191 as a teacher. But house members forget that they voted 3 weeks early to put him on unpaid leave as a clergyman during that time. 
  • Sept. 15: Irvington pays Lubinsky him $11,191 as a teacher, even yet he is on delinquent leave.  
  • Jan. 22, 2019: After Tax Watch questions the unapproved payment, a propagandize house retroactively approves it, 17 months after Lubinsky was paid.   

In a Jan. 17 email,  Harrison called it “an executive oversight.” It was characterized as an “inadvertent oversight” in a Jan. 22 fortitude upheld unanimously by a propagandize board.  

Lenz, however, is looking for a opposite kind of slip in Irvington. She wants a propagandize house to do some-more to manage district spending. She wants a house to strengthen Irvington taxpayers. 

“Where are a final for burden by a propagandize board?’ she said. “Where is a oversight?

Follow David McKay Wilson on Facebook or on Twitter @davidmckay415. Data contributor Frank Esposito contributed to this report.

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