How to behind adult Truecaller contacts, call story to Google Drive

Truecaller on Monday launched a new underline for a Android users permitting them to behind adult their contacts, call history, retard list and tradition settings to Google Drive.

“‘Truecaller Backup’ has been one of a many requested facilities by a users and will facilitate a user’s transition to a new phone or SIM label by firmly backing-up their contacts and settings and stored on your Google Drive, a association pronounced in a statement.

The backup record will usually be accessible for Google Drive users to start with though a underline will be stretched to other backup storage in future. The ascent enables a liberation of any mislaid information from Google Drive that a app can revive to a final saved state.

Another underline named “Truecaller Contacts” will let users hunt for contacts whose sum they have not been saved though they have formerly communicated with.

The underline contains all a contacts users have called or texted that creates it for them to remember and promulgate with proxy contacts but saving them in their phonebook.

How it works

If a refurbish is accessible to your app, Truecaller will uncover we a pop-up to backup your contacts, call history, retard list and settings to Google Drive. Or, we can capacitate a underline by going to app settings.

Step 1: Select a menu symbol on a left palm side. Choose settings.

Step 2: Select behind adult and revive feature.

Step 3: Select Google comment to store a backup. Users can also customise a magnitude of backup between daily, weekly, monthly and on demand.

Step 4: Give Truecaller entrance to Google Drive.

How to revive Truecaller backup

If we have already corroborated adult your data, here’s what we need to do. When you’re re-installing a Truecaller focus on your phone, a app will uncover we a presentation to revive your data.

Choose a same Google comment that we had corroborated adult your data. The focus will automatically finish and restart Truecaller.

(With inputs from IANS)

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