How to Back Up Your Android Phone

But it does not behind adult a whole calm of a device. Most of your device’s personalized user settings are corroborated up, though customarily not your content messages, Bluetooth pairing info and some app data. On Google’s Nexus and Pixel phones regulating during slightest Android 6, information is backed to Google Drive. On Pixel phones, however, adult to 25 megabytes any of a device’s call history, S.M.S. content messages and other device settings are automatically corroborated up.

Google Photos can be set to automatically behind adult your gadget’s cinema and videos. Just open Google Photos, open a Menu button, name a Settings area and demeanour for a automatic Backup Sync option.

The plcae of a backup settings change formed on a chronicle of Android we are regulating and any modifications done by your hardware manufacturer, so check a assistance pages for your specific device if we do not see what we are looking for. The Google Play store has a vast selection of apps that perform some-more contest device backups if you’re not confident with a built-in option.

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