How to combine in Team Drive with someone who doesn’t have a Google account

Illustration: Google comment picture (left) with Gmail discretionary tab unresolved off it; Arrows indicating to Google Drive and Team Drive on right; Arrow from word Anyone indicating to Google Drive

A customer who uses G Suite combined a new Team Drive, afterwards attempted to share it with about 30 people. And 27 people in a organisation were combined with no problem. The recipients perceived an email notification, and could entrance a Team Drive after they supposed a offer to share.

But when my customer attempted to supplement 3 email addresses, they saw a summary that said: “Sharing to email addresses but a Google comment is not nonetheless supported.”

Team Drive pity differs from Google Drive “My Drive” sharing. When we share a folder from “My Drive” to someone but a Google comment we competence see a following: “Since there is no Google comment compared with this email address, anyone holding this invitation will have entrance but signing in.” (Of course, if we have a G Suite account, an director controls pity options for your organization.) On mobile devices, we competence see a elementary “Sharing error” message.

Screenshot of particular presentation messages (detailed in article)

As of Nov 2017, Team Drive pity requires a Google account, My Drive pity competence not. Here’s a summary we competence see when we share to an email residence that lacks an compared Google account. Top: Team Drive, Bottom: Google My Drive.

Team Drive requires members to have a Google account, while Google “My Drive” pity can concede entrance to anyone with a link. However, this shouldn’t stop we from regulating a Team Drive to combine with people outward your organization.

1. Ask for an choice address

Contact a people we were incompetent to supplement as members of your Team Drive to ask for an choice address. Chances are they substantially have a Gmail account: over 1 billion people use Gmail monthly. If they do, supplement them as a member with this address.

2. Create a Google comment

If a chairman who wants to join a Team Drive and doesn’t have an existent Google account, they’ll need to emanate one. There are dual ways to do this.

You can emanate a Google comment to use with your stream email address. In other words, we don’t have to emanate a Gmail comment to entrance Google services. Go to and use your existent email residence in a “Your email address” field.

Or, if you’d rather emanate a new Gmail address, go to and enter a residence we wish in a “Choose your username” field.

In possibly case, formulating a Google comment requires that we also emanate a password, yield a initial and final name, a birth date, and a country. You also contingency fill out a gender field, nonetheless we can name “Rather not say.” A mobile series is optional.

Screenshot of (left) Google comment origination form regulating your possess email address, and (right) formulating a new Gmail address.

You can pointer adult for a Google comment with an existent email residence (left), or pointer adult and get a new Gmail comment (right).

3. Send separately

Collaboration around Team Drives grinds to a hindrance if a chairman we need to combine with lacks a Gmail account, and won’t emanate a Google account. Your best choice during that point? Export and send papers as attachments around email. Not really collaborative, and not during all efficient. But during slightest they’ll get a information.

How do we understanding with pity files with people outward your organization? If you’ve used both Google Drive and Team Drive record sharing, that do we cite for pity info with groups of people? Let me know in a comments or on Twitter (@awolber).

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