How to control your HomePod’s up-next reserve from your iPhone

Siri on HomePod is excusable for fast personification an manuscript or a playlist, or even for adding a lane to a existent up-next queue. But what if we wish to switch a sequence of some songs in that queue, or undo tracks? Or maybe only use your iPhone to skip tracks, or control a volume of your HomePod though carrying to speak to a damn thing all a time?

Today we shall find out how.

Take remote control of your HomePod

The pivotal to determining your HomePod from your iPhone is a Airplay control in a Control Center. To use it, plead Control Center however we routinely do it on your iPhone or iPad, and afterwards 3D-Touch or long-press a strain control widget. You will see dual panels: a common one for determining strain playback on your iPhone, and another one for a HomePod. Tap possibly of these to toggle between them:

homepod adult subsequent queue


You can control a HomePod right from this widget, though this row is also a preference screen. That is, whichever widget we leave active when we quit this shade will turn a widget that shows adult on your iPhone’s Lock Screen. So, we can use a iPhone’s hardware buttons to control volume on a HomePod, and a lock-screen controls (if they seem — they don’t always uncover up) to toggle play/pause, and so on.

But that doesn’t let we control a play queue. Let’s see how to do that next.

How to revise HomePod’s up-next reserve on iPhone

This partial is passed easy. If we daub a strain design in a Control Center widget from a prior section, a Music app will open as usual. Well, not quite as usual. It looks like a Music app, though it is in fact directly determining a HomePod. You’ll know this since a name of your HomePod is created above a name of a now personification song.

Anything we do in a Music app will directly control a HomePod: This is not only an Airplay tie streaming from your iPhone to a HomePod. You can exam this by putting your iPhone in aeroplane mode. The HomePod keeps playing.

In this mode we can reserve adult songs, change a volume, anything we like.

You don’t have to get here by a Control Center, either. You can switch to approach HomePod control from inside a Music app. Just daub a AirPlay idol wherever we see it, and daub a widget for your HomePod in a popover.

Conceptually, things could be a small confusing, though in use it’s really easy indeed. we only wish that Siri worked a small improved so we didn’t have to review to regulating my iPhone, though that’s Siri for we — it’s an complete moron.

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