How to customize a Chroma effects on a Razer Phone 2

Beyond a controls for a Chroma effect, Razer gives we 3 discerning settings for determining a altogether brightness.

  • High really looks a best, even in approach sunlight, though will noticeably revoke your battery life if on for a whole day.
  • Medium is somewhat dimmer and, therefore, improved for bland use if we still need a day’s value of battery life.
  • Low is best if you’d rather not rubbish battery on a Chroma when you’re regulating your phone. It minimizes a effect, though we can still glow adult Chroma for app notifications.

If we really wish to take things to a subsequent level, we can also get a central Razer Phone 2 Wireless Charger that sports a ring of Chroma LEDs around a bottom of a charging pad. You span a horse and customize a Chroma effects to compare that of your phone regulating a same Chroma app used above!

Why, yes, it is sum overkill, though isn’t that a point?

Our tip apparatus picks

Razer is bringing RGB to Android in a large way, with the Razer Phone 2 and accessories.

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