How to download LibreOffice papers from Google Drive in their local format


Recently we have had means to do a bit of presto-exchange-o, around Google Drive, with a LibreOffice Presents document. we uploaded a .odp files to Google Drive so someone could afterwards download pronounced files and use them. To download a files, a user was going by a customary motions (right-click a record in doubt and afterwards name Download). Problem was, everytime a user attempted to download a files, Google Drive insisted on converting them to a MS Office Powerpoint format (.pptx). In this sold situation, a acclimatisation was not optimal, so it was unwanted.

And so, we set out to find a solution.

Not This

You competence already know we can set Google Drive to not modify uploaded files to a internal Google format. To do this we simply go to Google Drive, click on a Gear icon, click Settings, and afterwards uncheck Cover uploads (Figure A).

Figure A

Figure A

Preventing Google Drive from converting uploads.

As we have substantially already guessed, that is not a resolution we’re looking for (as that usually prevents uploads from converting to Google Drive’s format. If we puncture by a brief list of options in a Settings window, you’ll find zero that allows we to invalidate a acclimatisation of downloads. So what do we do?


The resolution lies in a fact that Google Drive now has built-in support for opening and operative with LibreOffice documents. Because of this, a resolution for this emanate was utterly simple. Let me uncover we only how easy it is.

The solution

If we have a LibreOffice file, housed in Google Drive, that we need to edit, we can do dual things:

  • Edit it within Google Drive
  • Edit it on your internal machine

How do we do this? Open a record within Google Drive. The LibreOffice request will now open roughly as if it is a internal Drive document. Because of this, we can afterwards go to File | Download as | ODP Document (.odp – Figure B).

Figure B

Figure B

Downloading a .odp record but conversion.

And that’s all there is to downloading those LibreOffice Presents documents, in their internal format, to your internal drive. As we competence expect, this works for all LibreOffice files (Presents, Calc, Writer, etc.).

Even improved is a fact that Drive now has glorious built-in support for LibreOffice documents, so we no longer have to modify to a Google Docs formats, work on a file, and afterwards modify behind to LibreOffice when you’re done.

A happy accident

While operative out this issue, we came opposite a rather happy accident. Another unequivocally accessible underline that this routine adds is a ability to finally work with LibreOffice Track Changes from within Google Drive. This is a large initial for Google Driveā€”one that has been prolonged sought after. we insincere Google Docs had nonetheless to exercise any kind of support for Track Changes from within LibreOffice (or MS Office, for that matter). Seems like this slipped in underneath a radar. Now that sold cat is out of a bag, happy editing!

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