How to capacitate Pixel 4’s Live Caption underline on comparison Pixel phones and other secure Android 10 devices

For users who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, Google’s new Live Caption apparatus in Android 10 could be unequivocally useful. This apparatus was announced during Google I/O progressing this year, and what it does is automatically yield captions for audio that’s personification on your device. It works with videos, podcasts, audio messages, and other upheld media (but not phone or video calls). When Google launched a feature, they done it a Pixel 4-exclusive, yet they said they designed to move it to a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a someday this month. However, we’ve already shown that it can run on other devices, too, and now I’m going to share how to capacitate it on your possess device.

You’ll need a secure device regulating Android 10 to make this pretence work since Google so distant intends for Live Caption to usually work on a latest Pixel smartphones. Apart from a process we used to capacitate Live Caption support on Android 10, there’s another process that involves changing complement skill values to pretence a Device Personalization Services app into meditative it’s regulating on a Pixel 4. However, doing so on an comparison Pixel phone will mangle a Google Camera app, so we won’t share this choice method. The process I’m pity won’t hold any complement properties; instead, it directly sets all a values determining a Live Caption underline to be true. Thus, no camera functionality, or any other functionality for that matter, should be affected. Still, before flashing any mods like this, we should have a backup handy.

I enabled Live Caption on my Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 3 XL. Some of my supporters on Twitter pronounced it worked on a Pixel 3a, first-generation Pixel, Essential Phone, and Redmi K20 regulating a tradition AOSP-based ROM. Live Caption doesn’t seem to work on a OnePlus 6T or OnePlus 7 Pro regulating OxygenOS 10 regulating this method, yet hopefully, we can get it operative with a small some-more debugging. If we wish to try it out on your possess device, here’s what we need to do.


  • Android smartphone or inscription regulating Android 10.
  • Root entrance with Magisk.


  1. Go to Settings Apps and daub a menu to uncover all complement apps. See if “Device Personalization Services” is installed. This app is pre-installed on Pixel devices. It shouldn’t be there on non-Pixel devices, yet some tradition ROMs might have bundled it anyway.
  2. If your device already has “Device Personalization Services” installed, afterwards we contingency refurbish to a latest chronicle of a APK extracted from a Pixel 4. Specifically, implement this APK. The APK extracted from a Pixel 4 has formula for a Live Caption feature. Other versions of this APK will not have Live Caption. If your device doesn’t already have Device Personalization Services installed, afterwards do not try to implement it and only continue to a subsequent step.
  3. Open Magisk Manager and implement a “SQLite for ARM aarch64 devices” Module from a Downloads section. Note: If we already have an SQLite binary from TitaniumBackup or Termux, afterwards my Magisk Module installer book will detect it so we won’t need to implement this apart SQLite binary.
  4. Reboot your phone.
  5. Download one of a following Magisk Modules that we done and implement it in Magisk Manager. If your device had “Device Personalization Services” commissioned and we followed step #2 to refurbish to a latest version, afterwards implement this Module called ““. If your device didn’t have “Device Personalization Services” commissioned and we skipped step #2, afterwards implement this Module called ““. The disproportion between a _Pixel and a _nonPixel Modules is that a _nonPixel one has a “Device Personalization Services” app bundled with it. This is a complement app, so it can't be commissioned like any normal APK if we don’t already have it installed.
  6. Reboot your phone.
  7. Check Settings Sound or Settings Accessibility for a Live Caption setting. Enable a underline and see if it works by examination a YouTube video with English denunciation audio. If it doesn’t work, try rebooting one some-more time.

Live Caption environment in Settings Sound

Live Caption environment in Settings Accessibility

Live Caption settings page

Hopefully, we should have Live Caption adult and regulating on your secure Android 10 device. I’ve had a underline enabled on my Pixel 2 XL for over 2 months now though any issues. A word of warning, though. Do not refurbish a Device Personalization Services app by a Google Play Store. Google serves opposite versions of a app to opposite devices—if we implement a chronicle that wasn’t done for a Pixel 4, you’ll remove a Live Caption feature. Disable involuntary updates for this app in a Play Store, and check to make certain that any updated APK we do implement by APKMirror came from a Pixel 4.

I detected this process on my own, yet we would like to appreciate XDA Forum Moderator Didgeridoohan and XDA Recognized Developer topjohnwu for assisting me debug my script. we would also like to appreciate XDA Senior Member 73sydney, jcmm11, adpoliak, and all others concerned in a GPay-SQLite-Fix Magisk Module as we borrowed a formula to check for an SQLite binary.

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