How to Find and Recover deleted record on Google Drive

We all undo things incidentally and a happens sometimes. It competence be due to deletion a wrong chronicle of a document, or only incidentally attack a undo button. With this function we competence get irritated, frustrated, though gripping cold and carrying a right believe can give we a outcome we want.

How to Find and Recover deleted record on Google Drive

In general, it is probable to redeem deleted files and move it behind to a universe of a living. For this, we don’t need to be a brainy or a nerd for that matter. Today, we beam on how to find and redeem a record on Google Drive, if we have incidentally deleted it.

By mistake, if we deleted something recently while regulating Google Drive or a Google Drive desktop app, we competence be means to revive a record yourself. All we need to do is to follow a next steps.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Right-click a record you’d like to recover.

Step 3: Click Restore.

If suspect we are acid for a record and didn’t get it provided, we didn’t undo it, follow a next stairs to find it.

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Step 1: Go to

Step 2: On a left top, click My Drive.

Step 3: Now on a tip right, click Info

Step 4: If we remember a name we stored a file, keep scrolling down until find we fille.

Step 5: In case, if we didn’t get a file, go to a hunt bar and click a down arrow.

Step 6: Now, use a modernized hunt options to find your file, like “Type: Spreadsheets.”

Step 7: If we didn’t get any luck, we can hit Google, where they assistance we in recuperating deleted files for a singular time if we use Google Drive with a consumer account.

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